Wednesday, October 31, 2007

MIKE cooks the hottest meal ever!

Mike's newest blog video now at

When MIKE goes into the kitchen you can expect it to get steamy and not just from his cooking. Join MIKE as he continues his video blog.

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Friday, October 12, 2007

MIKE launches video blog on Connex247

Written by Michael Morris
Wednesday, 10 October 2007
MIKE... model, entertainer, photographer, entrepreneur, personal trainer and certainly one of the first web stars.. now joins Connex247 to bring us his video blog.

He says that he will focus on his new fitness training regime bringing us his progress over the next few weeks, but knowing MIKE I am sure he will branch out into other areas.

MIKE knows the potential of new media and this is another step forward for him, and for us, as we take great pleasure in adding this regular feature. Thanks MIKE!

MIKE also appears on

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Monday, October 8, 2007

MSC Chat Schedule (Oct 8,2007)

Monday: Mike 11pm

Tuesday Romeo 9pm

Wed Mike 9pm

Thurs Tony 9pm

Monday, October 1, 2007

Videos bring new buzz and fearless predictions too

Friday, 28 September 2007

Welcome again. Thanks for stopping by to pay visit and check out my articles over the past year. First of all, all the models appreciate the feedback and the support from you !

With that being said, I would like to announce a new weekly feature to Connex247 that will include my fearless football picks via video ! Along with that, I will also be bringing a new mix to Connex247 to create a new buzz that will include personal training, fitness, and nutrition.

(You also have the option to click here to download the full 145MB HD version!)

I hope every single fan of Connex247 will stay tuned for this exciting new weekly feature that will include my 4 pick of the week on video....expect a mix of competitiveness and humor.

The rest you all will have to see for yourself on saturdays. not only will you all have this article to look forward to, but also i will be bringing to the table updated information on my new site, soon to be launched.

In the meantime folks, the easiest way to get in touch with me is on,"flex coleman."

(You also have the option to click here to download the full 45MB HD version!)

I ask for all to be patient with me as I get settled in the state of Florida where I moved recently. Stay tuned folks.

Many many great new happenings are coming to if it wasn't for all of you, then the drive

Thursday, September 20, 2007

George The Boxer Has Arrived

We at are proud to present our latest model to join our family. His name is George and no doubt George will be an instant sensation. He will be doing both member and pchat. Come by and give George a big welcome.

Monday, September 17, 2007

Jason and Leighton launch Connex247 into video

Written by Michael Morris
Sunday, 16 September 2007

Connex247 moves forward to the next level as we launch video content on a regular basis to accompany our already popular features on the best male models and the work of the most respected photographers on the scene today.To bring you videos on a regular basis, we have enlisted the assistance of MIKE, who Connex247 visitors know so well, making one of the features we did on him the most popular in page views on the new version of the site.We have also featured some of MIKE's photography, and received many favorable comments on his incredible work with lighting and composition.

Now he has agreed to take charge of moving Connex247 into the world of video and other areas as associate editor, and we look forward to the results.

MIKE brings a wealth of experience to Connex247 as successful model, photographer and videographer and entrepreneur.MIKE shot the video clip with this story while Jason Borish and Leighton Stultz were working with him in Florida recently on content for their upcoming web sites and for

Saturday, September 8, 2007

Leighton Stultz from abandoned quarry to Montreal shoot

Written by Thomas Watkin
Friday, 07 September 2007

It was hard to believe that Leighton Stultz was coming up to New England for his sixth photo shoot with me. But there he was – handsome as ever – at the US Airways terminal in Manchester with his infectious impish smile.
By his side was one of his roommates, Kennon Thompson -- no slouch in the looks department – who was along for his first photo shoot.
I've known Leighton for a little over a year, and in that time we've become good friends. Without any formalities, we immediately fell into a conversation about this trip, which would include a stay in Montreal, one of Leighton's favorite foreign destinations.
When we got home to Vermont, Leighton was met enthusiastically by our border terrier Jackson, who performed a flying leap into Leighton's arms – a move I thought might be envied by Leighton's fans. Leighton is a dog lover, and he and Jack spent some emotional time rekindling their friendship, including crawling around the floor together, barking.
Most of you have a pretty good idea of what Leighton looks like by now, but may wonder what he is like in person. The first word that comes to mind when I think of him is “genuine.” He loves to eat – Hostess donuts are a weakness; he sleeps with the television on all night.
He's the easiest person to be around I've met in a long while. Leighton has a direct, honest personality that makes you love him at once.
He is charming without trying; he loves to ask questions – about anything. So when you meet him fasten your seat belt, because some of his questions can be disarming. The main thing about Leighton, is when he leaves, you find yourself wondering when he'll be back.
The next morning we picked up our friends Gordon and Nancy, who had let us use their beautiful river and waterfall for Leighton's first Playgirl shoot.
The drive to Montreal took three hours, but seemed like a few minutes. Leighon and Kennon were talking excitedly about the clubs in Montreal, and the girls they would meet. We got stuck in a traffic jam near Montreal; each time a car with a beautiful girl inched past, Leighton and Kennon would hold up a piece of paper with their cell phone numbers written on it. Nearly every one wrote down their numbers.
I'll let Leighton and Kennon tell you how they did in the club/girl department that night; I probably don't need to say they turned heads everywhere they walked. Leighton even brought a few copies of Playgirl to autograph for his French Canadian fans.

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Saturday, September 1, 2007

MIKE, Leighton, Jason as bolts of lightning with soaring stats

Written by Michael Morris
Friday, 31 August 2007

Yes indeed, as August ended I was really Walking on Water as I looked at Connex247 statistics one year after the new version was launched.

And I noted that while we have run more than 250 different features on the new version of Connex247, three people have been immensely popular with our visitors over the past year.

They are MIKE, Leighton Stultz and Jason Borish who have become a major part of Connex247. Each has a feature in our overall top ten on the new version of the site, and, -- Leighton as host contributes regularly, Jason brings us his fearless sports predictions and we now also feature MIKE's photography.
WOW! A year ago MIKE, Leighton and Jason had never met. Today the photos with my report are of them, and Drew who we hope to hear more about soon.

Now you see them all together in one place for the first as they met in Florida for photo shoots with MIKE who also manages to appear in these exclusive photos. MIKE, using the magic of photography actually took them.

The photos you see were taken while Leighton and Jason were spending time working with MIKE on content for their upcoming personal web sites, for, and for visitors to Connex247! Stay tuned!!!
When I told MIKE I was working on an article about stats he asked if I wanted to use some of the fun pics for a short feature, and of course I agreed.

I know that Connex247 visitors would prefer to see the studs of muscle, or maybe they are muscle studs rather than read my statistical analysis. Whatever, they arrive like a Florida thunderstorm with bolts of lightning streaking across the sky. How's that for a mixed metaphor!!!

And in August after dot com and dot net domains, the top ten countries for visitors were Mexico, Canada, Australia, Italy, Brazil, France, Germany, Japan, Netherlands and the United Kingdom! Thanks for coming.
Most exciting is that in 2007 we have also introduced many incredibly popular new faces with more to come for the rest of the year! WOW!!
Let me get the business of stats out of the way. In August for the first time in its seven year history, Connex247 registered more than five million hits in one month -- more than 5.3 million to be more precise.

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Friday, August 17, 2007

Big Night in P-Chat

Not only will Chris be doing a special workout chat at a reduced rate but also watch the debut of our newest model Jaymee

Meet Jaymee

Jaymee is the latest camguy added to the MSC lineup of fresh new faces. Jaymee is as eager as the MSC staff and will be on P-Chat starting this evening and will be debuting in his first member starting next week. Welcome Jaymee.

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Jeremy Mulkey among America's 50 sexiest bachelors

Written by Michael Morris
Tuesday, 07 August 2007
Michael: Jeremy, you have achieved some really outstanding success in sport -- particularly in track and field and football? Share how you first became interested in sports.
Jeremy: My father urged me to play sports at a very early age. I grew up in a small town and there wasn’t really anything else to do so i started playing them all, soccer, baseball, football and basketball. I then realized that I had the talent to play in high school and in college and went from there.
Michael: Describe some of the most thrilling moments you enjoyed as an athlete
Jeremy: HIGH SCHOOL: Being named first team all conference and on the all region team in football. State track meet in track. Playing with brady quinn was pretty fun too!
COLLEGE: All conference and being ranked 3rd and 5th in the nation at the ncaa d3 level for football. My best game was the opener of my senior season when I had 4 rushing touchdowns in one game. Qualifying and going to nationals in 3 events and breaking 4 school records.
Michael: Runners often speak of the 'natural high' that comes from it.. tell us about it from your perspective
Jeremy: Oh yes there is definitely a natural high that comes from running. I think it is even more of a high when it is done competiiively against other athletes.

After I win a race or run a personal best time I am on cloud 9 for the next 5 minutes. I usually walk around the track to catch my breath and feel like I am on top of the world.
Michael: Since we featured you on Connex247, I am sure you will have noticed some of the very complimentary remarks made in the comments section. How do you react to your obvious growing fan base.
Jeremy: To be honest, I love it! I still check the story every few days to see if any new comments have been made. They are very flattering but I think what I like the most is that it gives me more drive and determination to be successful.
Michael: You were named best dressed guy on campus by Playboy.. Tell us how this came about
Jeremy: A fellow track and field teammate in college told me about it. He gave me the link to send in the pics since it was an online contest. I stated that i wanted to be the best dressed jock on campus and sent some athletic pics and the rest is history.
Michael: And you have been in Cosmopolitan.. How did this happen
Jeremy: Once again, this was a contest as well. I just wrote in and sent some pictures and they ultimately picked me as one of their 50 sexiest bachelors in america.
Michael: You also tried out for Survivor.. Describe this experience.
Jeremy: That experience was amazing. I got to see how the show works from behind the scenes and how they pick their contestants. I made it to the final 50 but unfortunately did not get picked for the show.
Michael: Share with us your personal and professional goals for the rest of 2007
Jeremy: Professionaly i would love to have at least one more big job occur. I had cosmopolitan two years ago and playboy and an abercrombie fashion show last year. So far this year i have appeared on all american guys and connex247 and would love to have one more deal before 2008 occurs.

Personally I want to gain 5 lbs and move out on my own! I currently live with 3 guys i played football with in college and they still have one more year left. There are only a few months left on the lease so hopefully buster (my dog) and i will be in a new place soon.
Michael: We hear there may be a video inhe works...What might we expect?

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Tuesday, July 17, 2007

MIKE P: on being 'eye candy for the masses'

Written by Michael Morris
Monday, 16 July 2007
Yes indeed, as one of his best friend's says, when you get to know him, you will become hooked on his soothing voice and dynamic personality, but over 25000 page views later, MIKE P also holds the record for the highest number of actual page views for one feature on the new version of Connex247.

But Danny who first saw Mike on a cam site two years ago says, "...instantly I thought to myself that this is the most handsome and best built cam guy I have ever seen. And in less than 5 minutes I became hooked on his soothing voice and dynamic personality."

From modeling to motorcycle racing, and everything in between that he pursues, Mike, who has an immense fan base admits he is confident but "not cocky" as some may think given his popularity.

"I just have a drive with everything I do. I'm a very competitive person and everything I do I always what to be the best," Mike says, as we chat away one day. "I don't take losing very well. Some may say that I'm cocky but I don't think so."

And Mike, who hails from Winnipeg, Manitoba, now makes his home in Orlando, Florida, where he is launching a new career as a photographer and entrepreneur.

As we celebrate the seventh anniversary of Connex247, we wanted to acknowledge the contribution of some who have contributed immensely to our success and your decision to make Mike your choice in overall page views made it easy to decide to feature him again.

Danny adds: "Yep, I know now what it means by the 'Total Package'. It is Mike."

After discovering Mike, he relates that, "Everyday thereafter I would return to that site just to check the schedule to see when Mike was going to do another show and when I'd see his name I'd make sure that I would make no plans for that evening because nothing would be as entertaining than that one hour chat."

Danny shares the founding of Mike's site in July a year ago.
"And when Mike made the announcement that he would be opening his own site that darned near blew me away. I knew I'd be the first to join the day it opened and honestly I think I was lol.

"MuscleStudCam now became my second home and not only was there the best camguys imaginable, it also attracted the nicest, funniest members I have ever had the pleasure to meet. But Mike was not satisified (he is a perfectionist) so on July 26 2006 the new and improved MuscleStudCam was born."

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Monday, July 9, 2007

Eddie: Swedish model on music as the great motivator

Written by Danny Bailey
Monday, 28 May 2007

Danny: Some background, where you from?
Eddie: I was born and raised here in Stockholm Sweden, but my parents are Persian.Danny: Tell us a little about Eddie Razaz
Eddie: I am currently living in a suburb called Haninge 20 minutes outside Stockholm Still living with my parents. I'm graduating this semester, my major is music (vocals)

My high school is the best performance arts high school in Sweden. Besides music, I love clubbin, spending quality time with loved ones. Even just having a coffee in a cafe with someone you like can be fun as well.
Danny: What modeling have you done in the past?
Eddie: I haven't done any professional modeling yet, though many people have considered using me so we shall see. Also I have helped amateur photograhers with some models portfolios and pictures.
Danny: I'm surprised those photographers didn't turn the cameras toward you.

Eddie: haha thank you very much. I would love to become a model, it's a good exercize for the future. Also me and my friends often around taking pictures of each other for fun.

Danny: I'm flattered you've allowed Connex247 to present you for the first time, I'm sure this will open many new doors for you.

Eddie: I'm just happy you guys let me model for you.
Danny: What are your interests?...hobbies, , sports etc.
Eddie: I try to work out 5 times a week although school gets in the way sometimes. I love to sing and dance. I study music vocals as a high school major so thats my favorite hobby, also playing piano and writing songs.
Danny: Being young and working out you probably can eat just about anything you want. What are your favorite foods? Ethnic dishes?
Eddie: haha yeah kind of hehe. I'm just any other guy, I LOVE MCDONALDS I eat A LOT. And then I love Asian food, Indian, LOOOOOVE Persian food. I love food in all sorts lol
Danny: What really motivates you to do your best?
Eddie: Music, there is a song for every feeling, that really motivates me in life. Also nice things that fans and people say about me.

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Wednesday, July 4, 2007

MSC ROMEO July 3rd Chat Caps

Temptation at the White House reflects American Dream

Written by Michael Morris
Tuesday, 03 July 2007
As Connex247 continues its seventh anniversary celebration, it occurred to me that we should do a feature honoring all our good friends from the United States as they mark Independence Day on July 4.

I consulted with a couple of my friends, and they suggested we feature a number of models from the USA -- something we do all the time. Anyway, my good buddy Mike expressed his confidence in me, "You will come up with something. You always do."

Well, at about four a.m. where I live in British Columbia, it struck me and I sent a text message to Bruno Serato asking him to call me as soon as possible. (It was three a.m. in Anaheim, California, where Bruno lives!)

While waiitng for Bruno to call me, I browsed through his recently released book -- "Temptation at the White House" a cookbook by Bruno Serato. But Temptation is much more than a cookbook.

In fact Bruno and all those involved with him in the project have produced a unique contribution to book publishing with a combination of autobiography of the man who came to the United States from his native Italy with very little in 1980, to photographs of undoubtedly some of the most gorgeous male models ever all together in one place (Connex247 excluded of course!!!), to photos of the incredible dishes served at the Anaheim White House restaurant, to recipes! So it is a cookbook too!

And while I will likely never try cooking from any of the recipes, much preferring to visit the White House where the service is truly incredible and the food beyond belief, including the lemon tarts that Bruno had made especially for me when he learned of my love for them when I was in California last year.

Back to July 4! Bruno reflects the good people of the United States who have strived to fulfill the American Dream and give back as the distinguished photographer Greg Gorman noted in his introduction.

"Bruno's kindness and generosity extend far beyond taking care of his numerous friends and family. His philanthropic work is really one of his life's major goals and accomplishments. Few people that I've ever know are so devoted to making the world a better place for those less privileged."

My thoughts also turned to the models who grace the pages of Bruno's book, for they too are part of the American Dream. I don't know all of them personally but as Connex247 visitors are aware, I sure know Leighton Stultz, and I had the privilege to meet Danie Yssel when both models were in Calfornia for the book shoot.

Leighton and Danie represent, to me at least, all that is good about our youth in the early years of the 21st century. Leighton comes from a military family and both his father and brother are currently serving in the US military in Iraq. Danie, who came to the United States from South Africa served in the US forces in Iraq and was gravely injured but is making a good recovery.

Notwithstanding the difficult times for Leighton and Danie, they have a spirit of optimism about them, and are among the kindest and most gracious people I have ever met. I only know the other models from the pages of Temptation, but I am sure they too are among the best of the best.

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Temptation at the White House reflects American Dream

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Come P-Chat with BIG_JAY

BIG_JAY is now available for you in your own personal p-chat. Trust me folks, this guy is wild!!

Daniel N. Now Available In P-Chat

Swedish dancer Daniel is now available for P-Chat and you don't even have to be a member of MSC.

Monday, June 25, 2007

Leighton Stultz photos by Tom Watkin launch the celebration

Written by Michael Morris
Sunday, 24 June 2007
It's the beginning of a very special time of year for Connex247 and for all of us associated with it as we celebrate its seventh anniversary officially on July 16 and the launch of the new version of the site almost a year ago now.

To celebrate our 'lucky' seventh anniversary we plan to continue bringing you first person photo features on models and photographers that out vsitors have enjoyed and contributed to our steady growth over the years.

We will also be taking a look back and sharing some of our most popular stories from years gone by. Other special activities will be announced as we go along.

Let me say thank you so much for your support of Connex247, and for the wonderful comments you have made about those we feature.

I founded Connex247 seven years ago with an entirely different vision for it in mind, but that didn't work out, so here we are today, and I am delighted that we have been able to feature over 300 different models and photographers, and to let their voices be heard and their look be seen globally.

Telling you that Connex247 really took off after Leighton Stultz joined us just over a year ago would be an understatement because you, the visitors, have made his features popular each and every day, accounting for about twenty percent of our page views over the past year. As I write, Leighton currently has three features in the top ten, including the first one we did on him in May 2006!

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Thursday, June 14, 2007

Jason Borish: Thriller's DVD sale and new pics by MIKE P

Written by Michael Morris
Tuesday, 12 June 2007

What better way to announce the long awaited sale of the Thriller DVDs, starring fitness model Jason Borish and produced by Brian Johnson than by bringing you sdokme of the amazing results of Jason's most recent photo shoot with MIKE P, the incredibly talented young photographer based in Florida.

The sale is underway in the Connex247 store and you can now purchase both DVDS for $39.95 US plus shipping, or one for $24.95 US plus shipping.

Click here to shop!!

When Jason told me he had some of the images from his latest shoot and forwarded them to me, I knew it was time to announce the DVD sale and share some of MIKE P's work with the visitors to Connex247. We supported the production of the Thriller DVDS when Jason and Brian underttok the vcenture in 2006, and we always want to feature and bring attention to models and photographers who are working hard to be successful. So thanks to MIKE P for sharing some of hiw work with us, and we know he will be returning in the future.

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Thursday, May 24, 2007

MSC Debut Chat of EDDIE

Come chat with Eddie as he makes his debut chat this Sunday afternoon May 27th at 3pm eastern time.

Tony's Debut Chat Postponed

To Friday 9pm eastern time

Monday, May 21, 2007

Tony's Debut Chat at musclestudcam

Make sure everyone comes to chat Tuesday, May 22 at 9:00pm eastern time and welcome Tony as our latest Hunk to join our already sizzling lineup of camguys. Tony as been doing pchat for a couple of weeks and he has been causing a big sensation....see you there!!

Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Derek Hawkes on being your own person

Written by DONNAD Thursday, 25 January 2007

DonnaD: Hello Derek, nice to have you with us today. Tell us something about yourself. What are your interests?
DEREK: I've been born and raised in Maine my entire life. I am in college pursing a degree in Business Administration and am striving to put myself on the road to success for my future. Being from the northeast, sports are a way of life. I'm a diehard Boston Red Sox and Boston Celtics fan, and played my share of sports in high school as well (baseball, basketball and soccer).
I think one thing that may seperate me from others at my age is I have a daily relationship with the lord. It seems that it's somewhat rare to find that at this day and age. I believe he has truly guided me to the success and blessings I've already received and I know as I prosper as a person, I will have him to thank. On a different note, my interests are very similar to others. I'm the 'all-american' type guy who enjoys the beach, sports, working out, playing the guitar, watching the occasional comedy flick, and just doing deeds that brings enjoyment to others.
DonnaD: What made you decide to pursue modeling?
Derek: I had many people tell me that I had 'the look' that few possess. That didn't mean I was the best looking guy out there because I knew that wasn't the case, but what I did realize is I had a couple physical features that seemed to make me my own person, which may appeal to an agency.
DonnaD: What modeling agency or designer would you most like to work for? What campaigns would you like to do?
Derek: There isn't just one agency out there I would like to work with. I believe they all are unique and have their own style. I'm real interested in modeling in the fashion industry for designers such as Calvein Klein, Nautica, Abercrombie & Fitch, etc
DonnD: Would you ever pursue acting? Would you see yourself more as a serious actor or comedic? Maybe action star?
Derek: I would definitely consider acting. In fact, I already have and it's something I would be interested in. I can see myself playing a more serious role. Day to day I'm an easy-going goofy individual, but I think I would be best used in more dramatic roles.

DonnaD: How do you stay in such great shape?
Derek: The gym six days a week along with a healthy diet. Not much of a secret. If one puts in the time and energy, they're going to see results.
DonnaD: What would you consider your best feature, physical and otherwise?
Derek: I think my eyes are my best physical feature. They are a sharp and bright baby blue color, which really stands out in contrast with my darker complexion. I would say my best personality trait would be my genorsity. I get more enjoyment out of helping someone else out in need than I do bettering my own situation. It just gives me that feeling inside like I made a positive difference in someone else's life.
DonnaD: Where do you see yourself 5 years from now? 10 years from now?

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