Monday, February 26, 2007

Daniel Norell: shoots in mountains, parks and downtown LA!

Written by Michael Morris
Thursday, 22 February 2007

Michael: Give us highlights of your recent visit to Los Angeles.

Daniel: I got a high-fashion shoot for Crave Magazine, with photographer Jerris Madison. It was great fun doing something complety different from my regular underwear modeling. I met up with a huge team of make-up artists, models and stylists so it was really cool experience.
I have been working with a great team of photographers, all with very different styles and photography. I have been doing shoots up in the mountains, in the middle of the streets in downtown la., studios and beautiful park gardens.

Michael: Bring us up-to-date on your music career.

You can contact me via myspace and the adress is

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Saturday, February 24, 2007

Felix: ' a hockey nut but bodybuilding is sweet too'

Written by Michael Morris
Friday, 23 February 2007
Michael: Tell us a bit about yourself.

Felix: I love playing hockey, working out and I dedicate a lot of time to just that, its like a part time job eating healthy and gettin in the gym. I also love just hangin with family and good friends. I have just recently become interested in modeling and I am toying with my options on how far i want to see and take it... sky is the limit so we'll see:)

Michael: How do you stay in such fantastic shape?

Felix: lol I have no secret cause I really do bust my a** in the gym and i try to get as much knowledge on training as I can from anywhere, magazines, people, the internet.

Michael: What are your personal and professional goals at the moment?

Felix: I would like to go back to school and get my degree. I would have to say hrmmm tough one... I don't know. I would like to be on the cover of a fitness or modeling magazine some day.

Michael: Who really inspires you to do your best?

Felix: My family I would have to say motivates me to do well, also a few friends I have who have motivated me to begin my modeling. They have really helped me in a lot of ways so when you succeed with something and you are in the spot light you always have to remember the people who helped you get there and stuck with you, and its always your fam and friends.

Michael: Tell us about your chats and life as web star

Felix: lol Well thats too easy, expect the best, lol no I am just messing around, um I dunno i have a lot of sweet pics i shot with Mike from msc in a upcoming gallery,(hes a kick ass photographer by the way). In thenext few weeks after my knee heels I will be making some serious lifting vids of me, to show a lil taste of how a gym session with Felix is. Then last but not least PCHATS, I am on usually later in the evening until the wee hours of the morning, lol but over the next few weeks you may expect to see even more of me while my knee is healing I may be stranded at home

Michael: How important are fans to you?

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Dennis Nathanael van den Eijk

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Derek Hawes

"Leighton, you look so hot on the bike..."

Written by Michael Morris
Friday, 09 February 2007
At Connex247, I've realized for years that the response to articles is often not the one expected. When Leighton Stultz asked me if we could run a feature about his efforts to find a purchaser for his bike, of course I agreed. "Let's see what happens," I told Leighton.

Well, it happened all right, but while so far we haven't received any email from potential buyers, Connex247 did make Leighton's sales pitch the number one in page views, with requests that we run more photos of Leighton and his bike!

So, here I am updating you on Leighton and the bike, so that we can bring you more photos ... taken especially in response to numerous requests for them. And, of course, make another pitch for Leighton.

To get the pictures with this story we recruited Kennon, Leighton's good buddy, who agreed to do the job for us. The setting is not the usual one for a photo shoot, but we got the job done quickly. Thanks Kennon!

Here is just a sampler from the email we received: "I hope u dont sell it Leighton. You look so gooooooooooooodddd on it", and "You look so hot on the bike," and "Don't sell it Leighton," and finally, "More pics of you on the bike."
In any given week since Leighton came to join us at Connex247, he has consistently remained popular of course with our visitors, but he wants you to know that he really does have the bike for sale.
And for the benefit of those who missed the initial story last week, here is part of it.

Leighton wrote:
So as most of you don't know, I own a very beautiful 2007 sports cruiser that has been customized from head to toe, literally. I've taken the bike down to its frame and built it to something that's one of a kind and can't be matched. It has the look of a Harley and the style and feel of a chopper.

I've invested so much in this and hate to sell it but I don't see myself riding it as much as it should and deserves to be. With only 400 original miles it's still brand new! The miles are only from driving it back and forth to get the work done on it. This bike is a one of a kind "show bike" that deserves to been seen. All together I have about $12,000 invested in this bike not counting the time and sweat I poured into creating it to its own style. I wanted something different with my own touch. That's why it's so hard to let it go but I must and now's your chance! I'm ONLY asking $8,700 OBO, the bike will also include my leather jacket, helmet and gloves, a total = $600 I'm giving away with the bike.

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Sunday, February 18, 2007

Barbera twins combine modeling wiith real estate

Written by Edward Carl
Friday, 16 February 2007
Edward: Hey guys, welcome to Connex247 family!. I think it´s the first time I´m interviewing twin brothers. So, tell us about your personal and professional interests?
The Barbera Twins: We are personally involved with a lot of real estate. We are developing our own subdivision called Sweetwater Estates which consists of 75 1 acre lots. We also build custom homes. We love to workout, go out for dinners and travel.
Edward: You have perfect shaped bodies. What are your secret to maintain a nice body like yours? Do you guys have any special diet? What´s the part of your body you like most and why?
The Twins: We think the secret is to stay on top of it don’t let it get to out of hand. Continue to do cardio and keep workout heavy with a lot of weight. As far as a diet we don’t have a specific one that we follow but we do watch our calorie intake.
Edward: Are you guys into sports?
The Twins: We used to wrestle in college but now we just kind of stick with the weightlifting and running a lot. We do like all sports.
Edward: As twin brothers, I´m sure you might have some funny stories about that. Share with us some of these moments.
The Twins: We used to switch in our accounting and chemistry class. Joe was better at accounting than I was. Some fun things that we did do as twins was magic tricks when one of us disappears and the other pops on the other side of the room. That was cool..
Edward: What do you think about modeling career? Do you think you have already achieved your main purposes in the modeling market? If not, which modeling agencies, fashion campaigns and designers you would like to work for?

The site:
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GREAT Chat Line Up This Week

Starting off with a triple header Sunday:


MSC Dennis 3 pm (central) 4pm (eastern) Afternoon chat!!

MSC Jiri 8 pm (central) 9 pm (eastern) 60 minute chat

MSC Jake 9:30 (central) 10:30 (eastern)

MSC Mike 9 pm (cental) 10 pm (eastern)

MSC Mike 9 pm (central) 10 pm (eastern)

MSC Dennis Feb 16 Chat Clip

Friday, February 16, 2007

DENNIS Live Chat Tonight

Sorry for late notice but Dennis will be live tonight at 9 pm (eastern) 8 (central) Please join us.

Joseph Sayers

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Jeffrey Beck on bouncing quarters off a masterpiece LOL!!!!

Written by Edward Carl
Thursday, 08 February 2007

Edward: Hello Jeff, welcome to Connex247 family. Well, just to start it up, tell us about yourself. What are your personal and professional interests?

Jeffrey: Well, I like to write fitness blogs using my own style of comedy on my website. I love to make video clips too! I made/produced my own workout DVD over the summer and I really enjoyed that! I’m finishing up my college degree at the University of Utah in Exercise Science. I enjoy personal training as a professional interest as well as modeling. I like to let my personality shine through when I am doing a photo shoot! I like to use a variety of different expressions and do crazy pictures! I don’t always have to have the sexy look in my photos!

Edward: What would you say is the key of the success? In your opinion, what are the upside and downside of a modeling career?

Jeffrey: The key to success through my eyes is being able to look at myself in the mirror at the end of the day and say I am happy, regardless of how much money I make. My dad is an auto mechanic who doesn’t make a lot of money, but he is the most successful man I know because I never once saw him come home without a smile on his face.
The upside to modeling is it’s fun if you are into it. You get to meet a lot of interesting people and see beautiful places that I otherwise would not have been able to without modeling. The downside is that there are a lot of sharks in the water and you have to be careful with whom you work with. It’s also very demanding! You need to be in great shape all the time, but I like to work out so it really isn’t that big of a deal!

Edward: Do you think you have already achieved your main purposes in the modeling market? If not, which modeling agencies, fashion campaigns and designers would you like to work for?

Jeffrey: I haven’t quite achieved everything that I have set out to do in the modeling market. I would like to work with Calvin Klein someday (even though I do spoofs about it on my website!) and various other underwear companies. I want to be on the cover of Muscle and Fitness too. I wouldn’t mind doing a high fashion show or photo shoot, but I think I am too short and too muscular for that! I want to have a fitness show someday. As far as agencies go, I’m not hung up on any.

Edward: I´m sure you might have some funny/unusual model backstages stories. Share with us some of these moments.

Jeffrey: When I was on a photo shoot in San Diego a few years ago, there were a couple of photographers working in this little studio that they rented by the docks with a couple of models doing nudes. I had just finished my job and I was waiting outside with everybody else. I guess there was a family reunion going on in one of the other places by the studio. I saw two older women walking around like they didn’t know where to go. They ended up walking into the studio where the photographers and models were. I immediately started laughing when I saw them run out of the studio with their eyes covered! I wish I could have seen the looks on their faces when they saw those naked models! I wish I could have seen the looks on the models’ faces too! I gave the two models a hard time the rest of the weekend! I’m a stickler for good comedy and that was the ultimate!

Edward: Are you a fashion guy? What do you usually like to wear when you are not working?

My website:

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Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Nick Wolanski on creating the crucial image

Written by Edward Carl
Friday, 09 February 2007
Edward: Hello Nick, welcome to Connex247 family. Well, this is your place buddy! Tell us about yourself, hometown.. How do u describe yourself?
Nick: Hey guys my name is Nick Wolanski, I am 20 years old and come from sunny SCOTLAND,Ha Ha. I am a bodybuilder and martial artist, I spent my first 6 weeks in Los Angeles recently trying my hand at modelling.
Edward: What do you think about modeling world? Why did you decide to become a model?
Nick: I think the modelling world is a very difficult one. There are a lot of empty promises from people looking to make quick money and if your not on your toes then it can get frustrating and disappointing. However with the right help and a clever head it's incredibly fun and rewarding. I decided to model after my friends and family suggested it as I have developed quite a good physique over the years and it seemed to make sense.
Edward: I´m sure you might have some interesting/unusual/funny backstages stories to share with us...
Nick: I competed in a bodybuilding competition and a couple of guys were drinking whisky backstage to help bring out their vascularity, they drank a bit too much and ended up fighting on stage, was pretty funny.
Edward: How would you rate importance of beauty and elegance in your life? Do you think beauty really helps a person to be well succeded in a career?
Nick: Like to look after my body and my health as it makes me feel really good. Im very sporty and competitive so I really enjoy pushing my body and seeing what I'm made of! Obviously a good body is crucial in fitness modelling but you also need to show respect for people and try to be friendly and honest as it will really help further a career. Get a good education as well as modelling does not last forever!
Edward: Are you a fashion guy? What do you like to wear when you are not working?
Nick: Yeah I suppose I like nice clothes. It helps create an image which is crucial in this world. I like hugo boss and Armani as the designs are superb as is the quality. When I aint going out I like to kick back in a comfy pair of combats and a t shirt.
Edward: If you could choose 3 important things for your life and 3 fascinating places around the world to visit now, what would u choose and why?
Nick: The three important things in my life are my friends and family, my health and of course I want to land that big modelling job. My friends are very important as they give me a lot of encouragement and are there when things get tough. I'd like to land that big job so all of my hard work and efforts are rewarded. I'd like to travel to the Bahamas, Thailand and Du Bai as they are all strikingly beautiful places with lots to see and do.
Edward: Are you a guy into sports? What is your secret to be in a good shape? What´s the part of your body you like most and why?
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Sunday, February 11, 2007

Supermodel JOSEPH SAYERS rides the waves to success

Written by Edward Carl
Thursday, 08 February 2007

Edward: Welcome to Connex family Joseph Sayers! So, let´s start our interview... How do you describe yourself. Tell us about your hometown...

Joseph: My hometown is a very simple but beautiful place. It's a typical American suburb. I think that Lakewood is one of the most beautiful places I have ever been. There's a little bit of everything. Skiing country is a short drive away, it rests right on Chautauqua Lake, there are wineries, festivals, etc. It has a small population, so everyone is atleast acquaintances no matter the age range. Maybe I'm partial to it's atmosphere since I'm from there but it is quiet yet functional.
How would I describe myself? I don't know if I could do a good job doing that. I believe that would be a better question for someone who is a close friend. I'd describe myself as a young man with an old soul. I occassionally make a poor and impulsive decision BUT I'm usually very contemplative and very goal-oriented. I'm silently creative (because I'm embarassed of my definition of "creativity") and I am ambitious to show off that side of me but there isn't enough time in any single lifetime to complete every creative thought that I have, so instead I let the artists (like my friend, Joe Oppedisano) take care of capturing art while I do my very best to be the medium to which that same are it created.

Edward: How did you start your modeling career? What do you think about the Modeling world? Is it a tough and competitive market?

Joseph: This question has a few parts. I refuse to neglect credit where credit is due, like Hudson Wright and Patrick Lee, nor Adam Silver who first signed me with Strengthnet Models (now Silver Models), as they were the first industry professionals that I worked with VERY early in my modeling career, but I'd have to say that my CAREER began when I made a call from Vancouver to Jason Kanner at Major Model Management in late May of 2002 and committed to be under their representation in NYC.

I would have to say the other part of that question is I began TO MODEL when I flew down to Miami in early February and shot Abercrombie with Bruce Weber. In all honestly, I had no intentions to persue modeling any further than that, but the fact that I very much enjoy proving people wrong gave me enough incentive to persue it as a career and attempt to crack the mold of the stereotypical 6-foot-tall male model.

Edward: How do you rate beauty and elegance for your life. Do you think these attributes really help a person to be well succeed in a career?
Joseph: I value beauty. I don't know if I value elegance. I know that I have bad taste for interior designing and I can barely dress myself, but I like order. I like things to be neat... which is ironic since my apartment is an absolute mess right now. I honestly don't think that having an appreciation for beauty helped me in modeling or not. I wear a t-shirt and jeans. In the summer it gets so hot that I walk around with sweat stains around my collar and under my arms. It's hot and there isn't anything that I can do about. I'm a sweater and I know it. I think that the fact that I'm comfortable with that I was given helps me the most. I can't change my height. I can't change my taste in food. Instead, I make the best of what I have and luckily I've found out that some people appreciate that about me.

Edward: As a model do you think you have already achieved your main purposes in the modeling market? If not, which modeling agencies, fashion campaigns and designers would you like to work for?
Joseph: I feel that I've done enough to make a lot of people eat their words. I would love to be under contract with Calvin Klein or at least land one of their campaigns. Money is not the issue, I want it for the prestige. Honestly, I'm perfectly content with how things are going. I don't mind dropping over my friends' apartments (Joe Oppedisano, Hudson Wright, etc.) and shooting a few pictures. I would like to see more of their work out there ahead of seeing myself out there. Of course the best case scenario is seeing more of their work out there... with me being featured in that very same work.

Edward: Yo have worked for the most famous photographers and fashion campaigns in USA and abroad too....Tell us more.

Joseph: Well, I don't know what there is to tell except that I am always pinned up or clamped. The clothes never fit me, so the on site stylist improvise and use safety pins and clamps to make the clothes fit. I'd have to say that I'm usually wearing about five pounds of clothing and about five pounds of pins, clamps, and clips. This would explain why I hardly wear very much clothing in photo shoots. I'd have to say that with the metal that they use to secure the clothing on me, we'd end up bankrupting the steel/metal industry in Pittsburgh.
Photographers... I don't want to say anything bad or awkward about anyone so I'll give you a few tid bits... Tony Duran is the fastest photographer that I've ever worked with. He shoots more roles without an assistant than any photographer that I've seen with a team of assistants. Bruce Weber will hold his camera at his chin/chest level and stare at you until something (anything) happens and he absolutely has to lift it and capture it.
Steven Klein takes his time and makes sure that everything is perfect before shooting. It's a whole production but his work says it all. He usually shows up about two hours before he plans on shooting and one of his assistants is toting a cooler of bohemian style beer. I think that it relaxes everyone to throw back a brew before shooting. Joe Oppedisano is the dearest person I know. He makes you feel so comfortable. He cracks jokes and wiggles on the floor like a worm to capture the perfect angle. Obviously all that wiggling pays off because he gets the shot and stays in great shape. Watching Richard Phibbs photograph is like going to the circus. He is this... I think he's about 6'3" mountain of man and muscle. He slides and glides and angles like Neo from the Matrix. It's quite entertaining.

Edward: What do you most like when you work with this professional? What are the main characteristics you most admire in a photographer?

Joseph: Efficiency. I don't like to spend an entire day to capture one shot. I also appreciate a photograph that has respect for you and your own life, schedule, and interests/needs. I don't like sitting still for very long. I hate being told to "hold it" for minutes on end. I appreciate a photographer who lets me be me and act goofy. I admire a photograph who doesn't jeopardize his artistic integrity.

Edward: Tell us about your modeling assignments.

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Jason Borish Chat Debut at MuscleStudCam Wednesday

Jason premieres Wednesday 9:30 p.m. )central)

Thursday, February 8, 2007

Coming this weekend to Connex247....Exclusive Interviews With SUPERSTAR Model JOSEPH SAYERS


Matus Valent winner of Model America championship

Written by Edward Carl
Thursday, 01 February 2007

Edward: Welcome to Connex247 family. Connex247 readers have been waiting for this moment for a long time!! It´s really nice to have you with us. Tell us about yourself.

Matus: Hello everyone, my name is Matus Valent I am 25 years old, coming from a small but beautiful country Slovakia. Now living in California. I was born in the capital city, Bratislava a popular destination for tourists from all around the world. I came to USA 4 years ago after I finished my education and earned a Master's degree in Physical education and Sport with Management.

Edward: How did you decide to become a model? What do you think about modeling world?

Matus: I did a bit of modeling back in Slovakia, some TV commercials and runway shows, cause people were often complimenting my look so I decide I'll give it a try. Here I would love to continue to work as a runway model (although lots of people or agencies think I'm too big for that, because usually they prefer the 40R guys ). But I still believe for underwear or suits I can be the right one. If not than hopefully succeed in commercial, print or maybe even some movie industry.
I never experienced the real high-end modeling world, but from my castings or auditions memories everyone pretends to be friendly, although it's basically never true cause the competition, especially in LA/Hollywood is enormous and people try to get the one ' dream ' spot at whatever gig is the audition for.

Edward: As a model do you think you have already achieved your main purposes in the modeling market? If not, which modeling agencies, fashion campaigns and designers would you like to work for?
Matus: I would love to get on the cover of Fitness RX, but as a real dream or goal is to work for the Top designers like Dolce& Gabbana, Versace, Calvin Klein. and maybe be with Ford agency ( although I'm not really their size type of model ). But most important is to get a great exposure and of course interesting compensation, doesn't matter for who it is.

Edward: I´m sure you might have some interesting/unusual/funny backstages stories to share with us?
Matus: I don't really have many interesting stories, but usually there is a lot of fun backstage at my Fitness model competition which I'm doing for 2 years now. There is always a lot of good looking, ready-to-win guys and it's funny to watch them before the stage entry. I remember last year in Miami one of the guys had like a little bottle of Vodka before the event, cause it is a diurretic and he wanted to be as lean as possible. So it was kinda funny for me.

Edward: You have an incredible look. I am sure you are asked all the time, but how do you stay in such great shape? And what´s the part of your body you like most and why?

Matus: Thank you for the compliments, Yes I try to be in shape as much as possible, I work out mostly 5 times a week for around 2.5 hrs a day. But maybe 3 times a year I take 3 weeks off to give my body a rest and clean my system from all of my supplements I take.

I'm very happy I have a great metabolism so I don't basically do any cardio ( maybe in bedroom, but that doesn't count ), so I can focus better on my lifting ! The best body part I'm most proud of are my pecs followed by abs !!! I work-out my chest 2x a week for about 30 sets each time and tring to get pretty heavy ! With my abs..I do it every day ( 5x a week ).

Edward: How do you rate beauty and elegance in your life? Do you think these attributes really help a person to be well succeded a career?

Matus: Looks play an important role in my life but without great personality noone would care. That's why I try to be as friendly and nice as possible and thanks to the education my parents and schools in Slovakia gave me I think I'm pretty successful with that. And the same is when I choose my partner. It's again not only about the package but mostly what is inside..and once you have a combination of both of these elements you can be successful.

Edward: What are the great influences on your life?

Official web page :
Fan page


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Fantastic Chat Line-up at

Sunday: Mike 10:00 p.m. central
Monday: Jiri 8:00 p.m. central
Tuesday: Kory 10:00 p.m. central
Wednesday: Mike 9:00 p.m. central
Thursday: Dennis 9:00 p.m. central

Sunday, February 4, 2007

Jason Borish

Leighton Stultz on stats, models and his bike!

Written by Leighton Stultz

Friday, 02 February 2007
Hello Fans and newcomers to Connex247. It's good to hear we have more and more new viewers visiting the site. I just thought it was time to make sure I give my thanks to all of you. It's the least I can do for all the support you have given me since I came to Connex247 almost a year ago.

Our January 2007 statistics show that it was the best month ever in the history of the site with 4,683,153 hits! And we have plans for 2007 to make sure we keep it interesting so that you will stay with us, and tell your friends to visit us too.

And I will have more information later but very soon I will be doing video blogs and having videos available in the Connex247 store. In fact, the store is about to take off!!!!

Let me also comment on the great response so far to
Models and photographers are all excited about this new online magazine to be launched soon and are applying to become part of it. Make sure you visit.

As for my plans in 2007, we are working on many projects and watch for announcements here.

I do have a first for Connex247 lol, I thought it was a good idea and wouldn't hurt to run a little different kind of story. I asked Mike about it and he was cool with the idea. In a way it is the biggest product in the Connex247 store!So as most of you don't know, I own a very beautiful 2007 sports cruiser that has been customized from head to toe, literally. I've taken the bike down to its frame and built it to something that's one of a kind and can't be matched. It has the look of a Harley and the style and feel of a chopper.

I've invested so much in this and hate to sell it but I don't see myself riding it as much as it should and deserves to be. With only 400 original miles it's still brand new! The miles are only from driving it back and forth to get the work done on it. This bike is a one of a kind "show bike" that deserves to been seen. All together I have about $12,000 invested in this bike not counting the time and sweat I poured into creating it to its own style. I wanted something different with my own touch. That's why it's so hard to let it go but I must and now's your chance! I'm ONLY asking $8,700 OBO, the bike will also include my leather jacket, helmet and gloves, a total = $600 I'm giving away with the bike.

There has already been a local person wanting to buy the bike and many others very interested but i wanted to give it a go on Connex247 beforehand because I know you guys will take much better care of it and plus i'd much rather see it in one of your hands :) Below I'm going to list a few things about the bike and the many extras and upgrades this bike features. -Custom Hand painted flames with mother of pearl blue while flames are also mother of pearl light gray = $1400. -Custom leather seat made by one of the best companies fitted to the design and custom flames of the bike = $569 - Cobra straight pipes to give it that deep sound. (i did a charity toy run with 100's of other bikes and everyone loved it and admitted that it sounded better then their Harley's.) = Costing over $750 w/installation - Super custom front and rear blinkers to give it that sleeker look, see in pictures. After all rewiring = $500+ - Entire rear finder shaved of blinkers and brake light.. remolded and fabricated (so the flames couldn't look any better :) = $470 - Chopper style license plate with brake light. (fabricated bracket so no welding was done on bike and added wires and existing one's reran and hidden) = $435
OK so I hope you get the point lol.. I put my heart into this bike and listed a few, NOT ALL! of the things done to it and what it cost me not counting the many things and hours me and my brother did either. These pictures do not give the bike near as much credit as it deserves.. It's a must see! A true head turner. If you have any questions or ANYTHING else you want to know about the Bike please email us ASAP! first come first serve!! The email is

Thursday, February 1, 2007

Brandon DeShazer, the undercover introvert on around the world and back

BY Edward Carl
Connex247 proudly presents this exclusive intreview with internationally accliamed model Brandon DeShazer in a wide ranging interview with senior writer Edward Carl.

Edward: Hello Brandon, let´s start our interview with your personal and professional interests. Tell us: how do you describe yourself.
Brandon: An undercover introvert. I come off very extroverted to people because I am a people person but I certainly know how to let loose. However, I definitely enjoy my time alone. I treat myself to dinner and a movie ALL the time. I MEAN ALL THE TIME. I love being alone. I think maybe because I grew up the only child, I learned how to enjoy and entertain myself with myself. I'm also very spontaneous and love living in the moment. I seem to have adopted this life motto. "I'll try anything 3 maybe 4 times.then one more time just for kicks!"
Edward: Why u have decided to be a model? How this vocation arose? Is it a tough career? What kind of sacrifices this career demands?
Brandon: I never really decided to become a model. I fell into an industry where modeling became a natural progression for me. My dad was a pop singer in the 80's and early 90's, so I think a lot of people assumed I was already working in the industry even when I was 6 years old. Not true though haha. I got my start on a Television show called "Get Real" which was on PBS when I was 8. It was sort of an Access Hollywood for kids. The show did a segment on my Mom one day in Milwaukee and the producer asked me to simply introduce her to the camera. I did, and they called the next day offering me a two year contract. So I genuinely fell into the industry. Then I started doing the catalogue circuit like Kohls, Target, Mervyns and Boston Store. It was great. I was the only 10 year old with a steady paycheck!My career isn't necessarily tough, at least for me. I think it takes a certain kind of person with a certain mindset to exist in this industry, but it is not tough. You have to learn how to cope with unexplained rejection, attitude, jealousy, manipulation and backstabbing. Let it get to you, Deal with it or just brush it off and keep moving. I have a little reminder on my phone to keep my motivated, so everytime I look at my phone screen, it says "Nobody can slow you down." And they haven't, even though many have tried.The only thing that can slow me down is if something happens in the family or I feel that I really need to be home for a specific reason. That's the only sacrifice I see with my career is being away so much. I miss birthdays and some family get togethers despite my best efforts to make it home, and that is the worst for me. I always call, but it is not the same!

Edward: As a model, you have the opportunity to meet such different and cool places. Tell us about a special place u´ve already been. And, did you have any unusual, funny backstage story about it?
Brandon: I've been around the world and back, and I have found that I experience the most culture shock just in different regions of the US. Not Tokyo, Milan, or Paris, but other states in the US. I'm just finishing up my busy season with travel and have been all over the United States in the past month, and everywhere is SO different. I love Texas and the West Coast though. There is always something going on there, and the weather couldn't be more perfect.
Edward: What is your greatest inspiration, your greatest professional dream like a model? Which modeling agencies, fashion campaigns and designers u´d like to work for?
Brandon: I have so many goals and objectives that I sometimes ask myself, "who do you think you are?" Not to sound cliché, but I shoot for the stars. I want to work with the best of the best! I would love to work with photographers like Bruce Weber or Guy Bourdin. I also would love to work with models like Tyson Beckford, Tyra Banks, Brad Kroenig, Brent Zachary, and..JANICE DICKENSON! I think I could handle her!
Edward: How would you rate importance of beauty and elegance in your life? Do u think beauty really helps a person to be well succeeded in a career?
Brandon: That's a good question! It surely has some advantages. I definitely believe that it doesn't hurt for a person to be "beautiful," whether you are a model, a dentist, or a teacher. I do believe however that "your looks" only account for about 10% of a person's success. Even with modeling, I believe it is 10% percent looks and 90% charm, drive, intelligence, elegance, people skills and pure talent. It about knowing how to control this industry before letting it control you. You can't just exist in it or else you end up like Gia. It takes strategy and a plan. That's why its called "BREAKING INTO THE INDUSTRY," because it takes strategy and preparation to intentionally break through. I've always approached my career as a business man first and a model second. If you learn how to run a business you can do anything you want. I actually have a 10 year business plan for my career in modeling typed up, and I have stuck to it. The objective? DOMINATION!!! Watch out Oprah!

Edward: What is your secret to be in a good shape? How is your body training for working with so many things?
Brandon: Swimming! I was a swimmer for 4 years in high school and continue to do it whenever I can now. Fortunately, I am also blessed with extremely good genes. Both of my parents are in the 40's and look mid 20's, my dad doesn't work out at all and still an 8 pack, and my sister just turned 7 and already has a sickening 6-pack. So even though I appear to be healthy on the outside, there was a time when I wasn't. I still looked like I was in great shape, but I was stuffing my body with pizza, cheese, grease, cookies, beef, sugar. I slowly began to cut those things out and replace them with fish, grains, chicken, and lots of greens. I LOOK THE SAME, but I feel 1000% better. Its incredible how what you put in your body can determine how you feel mentally, emotionally, and yes.physically!
Edward: How did u start your own website? What people can find there? We have lots of websites around. Why u think your site is real special?
Brandon: I started my own official website for 2 main reasons, 1. to keep everyone up to date on my projects and stay in touch with the people who support me, and 2. A website makes you instantly accessible around the world. I learned how to build flash sites as I went along, because it is a skill I plan to use and reuse in the future. The site is special for me, because it TRULY is an account from me. My words and my view. Most people have their sites built and so it never is a first hand account. MINE IS, AND I WILL ALWAYS KEEP IT THAT WAY. I like having an outlet to genuinely express my feelings, thoughts, and thanks.
Edward:The entertainment world makes part of your life. So, tell us about your job into the music and movie market.
Brandon: Well music is ingrained in me. Whether I pursue a career in music or not, I will always make music because I grew up with it. I will always make music because it is like breathing to me. A kid can't grow up around Prince, Paula Abdul, and have a father who is a top 40 performer, AND NOT BE OBSESSED WITH MUSIC. As for movies, it is a natural progression for me. YOU KNOW HOW MUCH I LOVE MOVIES!!! It was only a matter of time before I started to venture into films. More than acting in the film, I love watching the movie get made. Most people would find it boring because it is so long and repetitive, but I am so intrigued by it. Its like organized chaos. Everyone is running around in a hurry like a chicken with its head cut off, but it is extremely organized. I LOVE IT!
Edward: You also have a huge fan base. How do you deal with the fans around the world? What is fame for u?
Brandon: I know everyone says this, but I REALLY do have the best fans. To get emails and mail from people around the world, wishing you the best and wanting the best for you is an incredible feeling. People who don't even know you, and they are rooting for you. INCREDIBLE is the only way I can describe the feeling. I write to my fans through my journal, and also write to them personally if I can. I treat my fans like my friends, because they are. I've even called and chatted with a few of the fans in the past.

Edward: Tell us about your favorite things (movies, actor, actress, music, food, books). What do u do in your free time?
Brandon: OH MAN, movies and music are my favorite! I don't really watch a whole lot of television only because the TV schedule changes from state to state, and I can't keep up, BUT MOVIES & MUSIC??? Love'em! I grew up around music and listening to my Dad on the radio! The entire Minneapolis gang, like Prince, Ms. Jackson (I call her that cuz' I'm nasty), Paula Abdul, Vanity, Jimmy Jam and Terry, Morris Day, etc. so music is just ingrained in me. As for films, they are a quick 2 hour escape from reality. If I need to laugh I pop in Zoolander or anything with Will Ferrel or Jim Carey. If I am frustrated with someone I can always watch "What About Bob," and totally relate to Richard Dreyfus's character. And if I need to cry, I watch "Glitter," with Mariah Carey. JUST PAINFUL FROM START TO FINISH!As for my free time, if I am on the road its all music, movies, and food. If I have an entire day off, I will go check out the local museum or go for a walk around the city. If I am at home, I spend as much time with my family as possible. They are my favorite people in the world so I take every moment I can get.
Edward: Family and friendship: how do think the world is dealing with these two subjects in the society we live?
Brandon: Depend on how much you cherish your family and friends. I think that your family and friends are what help sculpt you into the person that you are. I'm nothing without my family, and wouldn't be where I am now without them. Friends are the same. I cherish my family way to much to ever exist without them. Everything I do, I do for my Mom, and my little sister Ava. EVERYTHING. I think that it is important to have someone to live for and do things for other than yourself. At some point, living for just for you becomes lonely, and you become comfortable with what you've already accomplished and slow down. As long as I have others to live for, I keep my eyes on the prize.
Edward: Do u have any special dream? If u could choose 3 most important things for you life, what would it be?
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