Tuesday, July 17, 2007

MIKE P: on being 'eye candy for the masses'

Written by Michael Morris
Monday, 16 July 2007
Yes indeed, as one of his best friend's says, when you get to know him, you will become hooked on his soothing voice and dynamic personality, but over 25000 page views later, MIKE P also holds the record for the highest number of actual page views for one feature on the new version of Connex247.

But Danny who first saw Mike on a cam site two years ago says, "...instantly I thought to myself that this is the most handsome and best built cam guy I have ever seen. And in less than 5 minutes I became hooked on his soothing voice and dynamic personality."

From modeling to motorcycle racing, and everything in between that he pursues, Mike, who has an immense fan base admits he is confident but "not cocky" as some may think given his popularity.

"I just have a drive with everything I do. I'm a very competitive person and everything I do I always what to be the best," Mike says, as we chat away one day. "I don't take losing very well. Some may say that I'm cocky but I don't think so."

And Mike, who hails from Winnipeg, Manitoba, now makes his home in Orlando, Florida, where he is launching a new career as a photographer and entrepreneur.

As we celebrate the seventh anniversary of Connex247, we wanted to acknowledge the contribution of some who have contributed immensely to our success and your decision to make Mike your choice in overall page views made it easy to decide to feature him again.

Danny adds: "Yep, I know now what it means by the 'Total Package'. It is Mike."

After discovering Mike, he relates that, "Everyday thereafter I would return to that site just to check the schedule to see when Mike was going to do another show and when I'd see his name I'd make sure that I would make no plans for that evening because nothing would be as entertaining than that one hour chat."

Danny shares the founding of Mike's site www.musclestudcam.com in July a year ago.
"And when Mike made the announcement that he would be opening his own site that darned near blew me away. I knew I'd be the first to join the day it opened and honestly I think I was lol.

"MuscleStudCam now became my second home and not only was there the best camguys imaginable, it also attracted the nicest, funniest members I have ever had the pleasure to meet. But Mike was not satisified (he is a perfectionist) so on July 26 2006 the new and improved MuscleStudCam was born."

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Monday, July 9, 2007

Eddie: Swedish model on music as the great motivator

Written by Danny Bailey
Monday, 28 May 2007

Danny: Some background, where you from?
Eddie: I was born and raised here in Stockholm Sweden, but my parents are Persian.Danny: Tell us a little about Eddie Razaz
Eddie: I am currently living in a suburb called Haninge 20 minutes outside Stockholm Still living with my parents. I'm graduating this semester, my major is music (vocals)

My high school is the best performance arts high school in Sweden. Besides music, I love clubbin, spending quality time with loved ones. Even just having a coffee in a cafe with someone you like can be fun as well.
Danny: What modeling have you done in the past?
Eddie: I haven't done any professional modeling yet, though many people have considered using me so we shall see. Also I have helped amateur photograhers with some models portfolios and pictures.
Danny: I'm surprised those photographers didn't turn the cameras toward you.

Eddie: haha thank you very much. I would love to become a model, it's a good exercize for the future. Also me and my friends often around taking pictures of each other for fun.

Danny: I'm flattered you've allowed Connex247 to present you for the first time, I'm sure this will open many new doors for you.

Eddie: I'm just happy you guys let me model for you.
Danny: What are your interests?...hobbies, , sports etc.
Eddie: I try to work out 5 times a week although school gets in the way sometimes. I love to sing and dance. I study music vocals as a high school major so thats my favorite hobby, also playing piano and writing songs.
Danny: Being young and working out you probably can eat just about anything you want. What are your favorite foods? Ethnic dishes?
Eddie: haha yeah kind of hehe. I'm just any other guy, I LOVE MCDONALDS I eat A LOT. And then I love Asian food, Indian, LOOOOOVE Persian food. I love food in all sorts lol
Danny: What really motivates you to do your best?
Eddie: Music, there is a song for every feeling, that really motivates me in life. Also nice things that fans and people say about me.

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Wednesday, July 4, 2007

MSC ROMEO July 3rd Chat Caps

Temptation at the White House reflects American Dream

Written by Michael Morris
Tuesday, 03 July 2007
As Connex247 continues its seventh anniversary celebration, it occurred to me that we should do a feature honoring all our good friends from the United States as they mark Independence Day on July 4.

I consulted with a couple of my friends, and they suggested we feature a number of models from the USA -- something we do all the time. Anyway, my good buddy Mike expressed his confidence in me, "You will come up with something. You always do."

Well, at about four a.m. where I live in British Columbia, it struck me and I sent a text message to Bruno Serato asking him to call me as soon as possible. (It was three a.m. in Anaheim, California, where Bruno lives!)

While waiitng for Bruno to call me, I browsed through his recently released book -- "Temptation at the White House" a cookbook by Bruno Serato. But Temptation is much more than a cookbook.

In fact Bruno and all those involved with him in the project have produced a unique contribution to book publishing with a combination of autobiography of the man who came to the United States from his native Italy with very little in 1980, to photographs of undoubtedly some of the most gorgeous male models ever all together in one place (Connex247 excluded of course!!!), to photos of the incredible dishes served at the Anaheim White House restaurant, to recipes! So it is a cookbook too!

And while I will likely never try cooking from any of the recipes, much preferring to visit the White House where the service is truly incredible and the food beyond belief, including the lemon tarts that Bruno had made especially for me when he learned of my love for them when I was in California last year.

Back to July 4! Bruno reflects the good people of the United States who have strived to fulfill the American Dream and give back as the distinguished photographer Greg Gorman noted in his introduction.

"Bruno's kindness and generosity extend far beyond taking care of his numerous friends and family. His philanthropic work is really one of his life's major goals and accomplishments. Few people that I've ever know are so devoted to making the world a better place for those less privileged."

My thoughts also turned to the models who grace the pages of Bruno's book, for they too are part of the American Dream. I don't know all of them personally but as Connex247 visitors are aware, I sure know Leighton Stultz, and I had the privilege to meet Danie Yssel when both models were in Calfornia for the book shoot.

Leighton and Danie represent, to me at least, all that is good about our youth in the early years of the 21st century. Leighton comes from a military family and both his father and brother are currently serving in the US military in Iraq. Danie, who came to the United States from South Africa served in the US forces in Iraq and was gravely injured but is making a good recovery.

Notwithstanding the difficult times for Leighton and Danie, they have a spirit of optimism about them, and are among the kindest and most gracious people I have ever met. I only know the other models from the pages of Temptation, but I am sure they too are among the best of the best.

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Temptation at the White House reflects American Dream