Thursday, September 20, 2007

George The Boxer Has Arrived

We at are proud to present our latest model to join our family. His name is George and no doubt George will be an instant sensation. He will be doing both member and pchat. Come by and give George a big welcome.

Monday, September 17, 2007

Jason and Leighton launch Connex247 into video

Written by Michael Morris
Sunday, 16 September 2007

Connex247 moves forward to the next level as we launch video content on a regular basis to accompany our already popular features on the best male models and the work of the most respected photographers on the scene today.To bring you videos on a regular basis, we have enlisted the assistance of MIKE, who Connex247 visitors know so well, making one of the features we did on him the most popular in page views on the new version of the site.We have also featured some of MIKE's photography, and received many favorable comments on his incredible work with lighting and composition.

Now he has agreed to take charge of moving Connex247 into the world of video and other areas as associate editor, and we look forward to the results.

MIKE brings a wealth of experience to Connex247 as successful model, photographer and videographer and entrepreneur.MIKE shot the video clip with this story while Jason Borish and Leighton Stultz were working with him in Florida recently on content for their upcoming web sites and for

Saturday, September 8, 2007

Leighton Stultz from abandoned quarry to Montreal shoot

Written by Thomas Watkin
Friday, 07 September 2007

It was hard to believe that Leighton Stultz was coming up to New England for his sixth photo shoot with me. But there he was – handsome as ever – at the US Airways terminal in Manchester with his infectious impish smile.
By his side was one of his roommates, Kennon Thompson -- no slouch in the looks department – who was along for his first photo shoot.
I've known Leighton for a little over a year, and in that time we've become good friends. Without any formalities, we immediately fell into a conversation about this trip, which would include a stay in Montreal, one of Leighton's favorite foreign destinations.
When we got home to Vermont, Leighton was met enthusiastically by our border terrier Jackson, who performed a flying leap into Leighton's arms – a move I thought might be envied by Leighton's fans. Leighton is a dog lover, and he and Jack spent some emotional time rekindling their friendship, including crawling around the floor together, barking.
Most of you have a pretty good idea of what Leighton looks like by now, but may wonder what he is like in person. The first word that comes to mind when I think of him is “genuine.” He loves to eat – Hostess donuts are a weakness; he sleeps with the television on all night.
He's the easiest person to be around I've met in a long while. Leighton has a direct, honest personality that makes you love him at once.
He is charming without trying; he loves to ask questions – about anything. So when you meet him fasten your seat belt, because some of his questions can be disarming. The main thing about Leighton, is when he leaves, you find yourself wondering when he'll be back.
The next morning we picked up our friends Gordon and Nancy, who had let us use their beautiful river and waterfall for Leighton's first Playgirl shoot.
The drive to Montreal took three hours, but seemed like a few minutes. Leighon and Kennon were talking excitedly about the clubs in Montreal, and the girls they would meet. We got stuck in a traffic jam near Montreal; each time a car with a beautiful girl inched past, Leighton and Kennon would hold up a piece of paper with their cell phone numbers written on it. Nearly every one wrote down their numbers.
I'll let Leighton and Kennon tell you how they did in the club/girl department that night; I probably don't need to say they turned heads everywhere they walked. Leighton even brought a few copies of Playgirl to autograph for his French Canadian fans.

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Saturday, September 1, 2007

MIKE, Leighton, Jason as bolts of lightning with soaring stats

Written by Michael Morris
Friday, 31 August 2007

Yes indeed, as August ended I was really Walking on Water as I looked at Connex247 statistics one year after the new version was launched.

And I noted that while we have run more than 250 different features on the new version of Connex247, three people have been immensely popular with our visitors over the past year.

They are MIKE, Leighton Stultz and Jason Borish who have become a major part of Connex247. Each has a feature in our overall top ten on the new version of the site, and, -- Leighton as host contributes regularly, Jason brings us his fearless sports predictions and we now also feature MIKE's photography.
WOW! A year ago MIKE, Leighton and Jason had never met. Today the photos with my report are of them, and Drew who we hope to hear more about soon.

Now you see them all together in one place for the first as they met in Florida for photo shoots with MIKE who also manages to appear in these exclusive photos. MIKE, using the magic of photography actually took them.

The photos you see were taken while Leighton and Jason were spending time working with MIKE on content for their upcoming personal web sites, for, and for visitors to Connex247! Stay tuned!!!
When I told MIKE I was working on an article about stats he asked if I wanted to use some of the fun pics for a short feature, and of course I agreed.

I know that Connex247 visitors would prefer to see the studs of muscle, or maybe they are muscle studs rather than read my statistical analysis. Whatever, they arrive like a Florida thunderstorm with bolts of lightning streaking across the sky. How's that for a mixed metaphor!!!

And in August after dot com and dot net domains, the top ten countries for visitors were Mexico, Canada, Australia, Italy, Brazil, France, Germany, Japan, Netherlands and the United Kingdom! Thanks for coming.
Most exciting is that in 2007 we have also introduced many incredibly popular new faces with more to come for the rest of the year! WOW!!
Let me get the business of stats out of the way. In August for the first time in its seven year history, Connex247 registered more than five million hits in one month -- more than 5.3 million to be more precise.

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