Monday, September 17, 2007

Jason and Leighton launch Connex247 into video

Written by Michael Morris
Sunday, 16 September 2007

Connex247 moves forward to the next level as we launch video content on a regular basis to accompany our already popular features on the best male models and the work of the most respected photographers on the scene today.To bring you videos on a regular basis, we have enlisted the assistance of MIKE, who Connex247 visitors know so well, making one of the features we did on him the most popular in page views on the new version of the site.We have also featured some of MIKE's photography, and received many favorable comments on his incredible work with lighting and composition.

Now he has agreed to take charge of moving Connex247 into the world of video and other areas as associate editor, and we look forward to the results.

MIKE brings a wealth of experience to Connex247 as successful model, photographer and videographer and entrepreneur.MIKE shot the video clip with this story while Jason Borish and Leighton Stultz were working with him in Florida recently on content for their upcoming web sites and for

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