Thursday, May 24, 2007

MSC Debut Chat of EDDIE

Come chat with Eddie as he makes his debut chat this Sunday afternoon May 27th at 3pm eastern time.

Tony's Debut Chat Postponed

To Friday 9pm eastern time

Monday, May 21, 2007

Tony's Debut Chat at musclestudcam

Make sure everyone comes to chat Tuesday, May 22 at 9:00pm eastern time and welcome Tony as our latest Hunk to join our already sizzling lineup of camguys. Tony as been doing pchat for a couple of weeks and he has been causing a big sensation....see you there!!

Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Derek Hawkes on being your own person

Written by DONNAD Thursday, 25 January 2007

DonnaD: Hello Derek, nice to have you with us today. Tell us something about yourself. What are your interests?
DEREK: I've been born and raised in Maine my entire life. I am in college pursing a degree in Business Administration and am striving to put myself on the road to success for my future. Being from the northeast, sports are a way of life. I'm a diehard Boston Red Sox and Boston Celtics fan, and played my share of sports in high school as well (baseball, basketball and soccer).
I think one thing that may seperate me from others at my age is I have a daily relationship with the lord. It seems that it's somewhat rare to find that at this day and age. I believe he has truly guided me to the success and blessings I've already received and I know as I prosper as a person, I will have him to thank. On a different note, my interests are very similar to others. I'm the 'all-american' type guy who enjoys the beach, sports, working out, playing the guitar, watching the occasional comedy flick, and just doing deeds that brings enjoyment to others.
DonnaD: What made you decide to pursue modeling?
Derek: I had many people tell me that I had 'the look' that few possess. That didn't mean I was the best looking guy out there because I knew that wasn't the case, but what I did realize is I had a couple physical features that seemed to make me my own person, which may appeal to an agency.
DonnaD: What modeling agency or designer would you most like to work for? What campaigns would you like to do?
Derek: There isn't just one agency out there I would like to work with. I believe they all are unique and have their own style. I'm real interested in modeling in the fashion industry for designers such as Calvein Klein, Nautica, Abercrombie & Fitch, etc
DonnD: Would you ever pursue acting? Would you see yourself more as a serious actor or comedic? Maybe action star?
Derek: I would definitely consider acting. In fact, I already have and it's something I would be interested in. I can see myself playing a more serious role. Day to day I'm an easy-going goofy individual, but I think I would be best used in more dramatic roles.

DonnaD: How do you stay in such great shape?
Derek: The gym six days a week along with a healthy diet. Not much of a secret. If one puts in the time and energy, they're going to see results.
DonnaD: What would you consider your best feature, physical and otherwise?
Derek: I think my eyes are my best physical feature. They are a sharp and bright baby blue color, which really stands out in contrast with my darker complexion. I would say my best personality trait would be my genorsity. I get more enjoyment out of helping someone else out in need than I do bettering my own situation. It just gives me that feeling inside like I made a positive difference in someone else's life.
DonnaD: Where do you see yourself 5 years from now? 10 years from now?

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Corey Mainit pushes himself to the max!

Written by Michael Morris Tuesday, 06 February 2007

Michael: Tell us a bit about your background (where from, education, etc)

Corey: I was born up in Northern Maine on a military base which has been since shut down called Loring Air Force base. My whole life has been traveling, living in places such as England,Germany, California, South Dakota, and Maine. My father served 23 years in the United States Air Force, and retired when I was 18. For the past 2 years i have resided in Southern Maine. Going to school at the University of Southern Maine to study and pursue a career in Health and Wellness.
Michael: Share how you became interested in a career as a model.

Corey: Ever since i was little, I always admired fitness models. I'd go to the gym and see people in there time in and time out busting their butts and not seeing any change from all the effort. And it makes you wonder how hard it must be to yield such results as you see in magazines like Mens Fitness.
Michael: How has your career been going so far?

Corey: My career is just starting, i'm looking to get signed with a strong fitness agency who works with some well respected magazine names.
Michael: Tell us your personal and professional goals.

Corey: My personal goal is to pusyhmyself and my body to the max. It's the only way. I'll die a happy person is knowing that I did it 100% and to the fullest of my capabilities. My professional goals are to succeed and inspire others to get in shape and increase their quality of living.
Michael: What and or who really inspires you to achieve you best?

Corey: The people who message me everyday urging me and inspiring me with their words. People who have succeeded in life already and welcome others to work towards a common goal. People who are not as fortunate as I am whether it be by upbringing, physical disabilites or anything else and can still look at life and smile, they inspire me!
Michael: Who (and why) are the greatest influences on your life?

Corey: My brother and my parents always have been the greatest influences in my life. My trainer Obie Philbrook taught me about training intensity and how to go to the gym every day with the plans to rip muscle and enjoy it. Dreamcatcher photography taught me that there are truly good people in the business of modeling.
Michael: Share some of your other interests, hobbies, sports with us.

Corey: I love to go out and party, but i also love to lift weights and play Basketball. Fishing is one of my favorite forms of relaxation.
Michael: What type of modeling do you prefer to do?

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Sunday, May 6, 2007

Zane Berlin combines motivational speaking wiith acting and modelling

Written by Edward Carl Wednesday, 18 October 2006

Edward: Hey Zane, welcome to Connex247 site! Share your background with us. What are your personal and professional interests?

Zane: I am in my second year of speaking at High schools.I really enjoy doing it. I can speak about things that I am very passionate about and I actually earned the rep. as the youngest speaker in the country starting right after I had turned 18. I have received great feedback from the teachers and students. Some of the teachers feedback reports saying "Excellent Rapport with Students". They didn't take their eyes or ears off of him the whole time" and "By far the best speaker we have ever had". Comments like those really give me a great sense of pride for what I do and it is very flexible, so I can always work it around my bookings and such.

Edward: Tell us about how you decided to become a model?

Zane: Well that’s actually kind of a funny story and I always think of the Zoolander Tagline when he says “I think it had to have been the 1st time I went through the second grade…and I was eating at the table one day and I caught my reflection in my spoon and I said Wow!!! You’re ridiculously good looking….maybe you should do that for a living….be professionally good looking….but how I fell into the profession was a little different…..I had always wanted to be a Navy SEAL since I could pretty much walk…and I pretty much worked my butt off my whole life getting ready for it. (Swimming with Snow on the ground running a ridiculous number of miles a week, and thousands upon thousands of dips and pushups.)

So in turn over the years I obtained a pretty mean physique out of it….but I was about 3 weeks from turning 18 and signing and my Mom sat me down one day and said that maybe I should take a year off before I make a big decision like that and see if I can find anything else that…well ya know floats my boat … and if I didn’t then I could sign my life away….so with the physique I had made for myself and the knowledge of nutrition and fitness I picked up from research and experimenting my whole life … I got my Personal Trainer Certification and found an agent and it immediately snowballed with bookings after that….It all started for me as a Swimsuit escort for Jennifer Berry (Miss America 2005) at the Miss Oklahoma pageant.

Edward: You have an incredible look. I am sure you are asked all the time, but how do you stay in such great shape?

Zane: I have an amazing diet that I follow to the “T” and I don’t really do too much weight lifting…just a lot of plyometrics.. (Pushups,dips,pull-ups) those give you the most definition by far.

Edward: Share with us who the great influences are on your life

Zane: Definitely my Mom and Dad …. Surprisingly enough my dad has encouraged me the most ….. I always kinda thought you know he would be embarrassed to tell people that his son is a Male model ….. especially being in the Midwest …. but he brags on me more than probably my mom, grandparents and my girlfriend combined.

Edward: What makes you really strive to achieve your best personally and professionally?

Zane: I would say what strives me the most it just simply being a perfectionist …Im never satisfied with the way I look ... there is always room for improvement no matter what I do….what strives me the most is meeting someone that is more defined then me, or a better actor….because after that moment I'm back to business more than ever in the gym or with an acting coach.

Edward: Tell us about some of your other interests such as sports, hobbies etc.

Zane: I love to go to the gym … probably like a majority of the people on this site….but it's not just the working out…it’s the fact that you can take a person’s body and just completely transform it from top to bottom with what you put in it…and the way you exert it….other than that I love my main job, speaking to kids at High schools about first impressions and self confidence…it is a very rewarding feeling that I could have totally redirected someone’s life with one of my lectures.

Edward: If you could choose 3 amazing places to be now, which one would you choose and why?

Zane: If I could be in 3 places it would be between San Diego, Florida, or my own private island….San Diego and Florida for the awesome year round weather and I m from San Diego. Most of all I would love my own island just to be away from all the worries and the drama you get from people 24-7.

Edward: We have some quick questions that Connex247 readers would like to know about you. Please, answer them and tell us why.

Eating: Fish or meat?I would have to choose meat over fish…because I have totally burned myself out on fish… and
Vacation: Beach or the mountains?I would definitely rather be at the beach working on my tan rather than freezing my butt off somewhere in the mountains.
Fashion campaign: clothed or underwear?Underwear….I worked hard for my physique… I might as well get to show it off.

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Thursday, May 3, 2007

Leighton Stultz described as 'stunning' in Playgirl feature

Written by Michael Morris Tuesday, 01 May 2007

As the June 2007 issue of Playgirl magazine hits the newsstands, subscribers who have received their copy are describing Leighton Stultz as "stunning" and "maybe the most beautiful man on earth."
Leighton, 22, who has contributed so immensely to the success of Connex247 since he joined us a year ago -- yes, we are celebrating his arrival here this month -- has an eight-page feature in the popular magazine.
The photos of Leighton in Playgirl are by the distinguished photographer, Thomas Watkin.
"I received my copy in the mail ... and he is stunning!!!!. Randy wrote. "You will not be disappointed."
Connex247 visitors are able to purchase their personalized autographed copy of Playgirl from Leighton by visiting the store. Just CLICK HERE and be sure to get your copy while our supplies last.
It's been an amazing time for Leighton who was the winner of Handsome Male Models contest in 2006, which consisted of a cash prize and photo shoot with Warren Shepell. He has done other photo shoots and is featured in Bruno Serato's new cook book which combines great recipes with great models!

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