Monday, April 30, 2007

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Monday, April 23, 2007

Brian Allen puts medicine on hold for modeling

Written by Edward Carl Friday, 29 September 2006
Edward: Hey Brian, tell us about yourself. What are your personal and professional interests?

Brian: I am a recent graduate from Boston College (Honor’s Program). I was on the fast-track to becoming a doctor, but am putting that on hold to a dream of becoming a model.
Edward: Modeling career: why have you decided to be a model? Do you think it´s a tough market? What kind of sacrifices does this career demand?
Brian: Coming from a small town in NJ (just outside NYC) where every guy my age was a little twig, I felt large compared to them. Therefore, as an adolescent, I decided to start working out and eating right. I used fitness magazines and their models for inspiration. When I began noticing progress, my dream of becoming a model began. I enjoy hard workouts and treating my body right by fueling it with healthy foods.
I have been told that being 5’9” narrows my modeling career to print only. This does not discourage me, however, because I believe that someone’s presence can make them the tallest person in a room. Entering the modeling market now, I do not know how tough it will be. I know that no matter what, I owe it to myself to stay motivated until my goal of modeling is attained. With that said, I am willing to make any and all sacrifices to enter the modeling market.
Edward: What is your greatest inspiration, your greatest professional dream like a model? Which modeling agencies, fashion campaigns and designers would you like to work for?
Brian: My greatest inspiration is my health. I like to work my mind by reading and writing, and to be balanced, I like to work my body out and eat right. I also don’t mind receiving compliments from others. I enjoy standing out in a crowd, hearing people describe me as “Wow!,” and being asked what I do to stay in such great shape.

I would love to become the face/body of a major fashion campaign. Being on a billboard, cover of a magazine, and all over a store is my ideal modeling dream.
Edward: Do you like to show your abilites to a huge audience?

Brian: Ok, I’ll admit it, I love attention! I love all eyes on me and being ‘the life of the party.’ P.S. Did I mention that I’m not shy at all?
Edward: How do you rate the beauty and elegance for your life? Do you think these atributes really help a person to succeed in a career?
Brian: Beauty has become something that I take pride in. I have come to love myself internally and want my outer appearance to reflect how much I take pride in my body. I find that having an attractive appearance does help a person succeed in a career. When accomplishing a task for others in a career, a clean, healthy appearance is a direct reflection of how one willnot only take pride in himself, but in his work too.
Edward: Are you a guy into sports? What is your secret to be in a good shape?
Brian: My entire life, I played football, basketball, baseball, ran track, and even did a little gymnastics. Now, I like to play these sports for fun with friends and also as an added workout. My secret to being in good shape is being consistent with my workout and diet. I find that it really doesn’t matter how hard you work in the gym, as long as you work out regularly, you will get the results that you want.
Edward: Are you an optimistic person? Do you have any dreams? How do you face the world concerning human rights, politics, cultural aspects etc. Do you think we are now living in a better world?
Brian: I am an extremely optimistic person. My dream has always been to model, so contact me, all you modeling agencies that are interested. While at Boston College, I enjoyed giving up my Spring Break to travel to Kentucky and build a home for a family in the Habitat for Humanity Program. After this experience, I joined a group on campus that travels internationally to do similar work. Through this group, I was able to travel to Belize, Central America, for about a month and build an AIDS clinic, teach a summer camp, and construct a school. The people that I have worked with in these programs are unbelievably caring and selfless individuals. We are now living in a better world because of people like them.
Edward: If you could choose to visit 3 fantastic places around the world, which places would it be? And whom would you like to invite to come with you?

Monday, April 16, 2007

Carlos Arias on achieving his 'signature shots'

Written by Michael Morris Thursday, 29 March 2007

Edward: Welcome to Connex247 family Carlos. It’s such a great pleasure to have you here in the site. Let’s start up with your personal interests. Tell us about yourself, hometown, etc.

Carlos: My Name is Carlos Arias, I am 21 years old and I was originally born and raised in “El Molino” (Small town in Chihuahua, Mexico). I have been doing photography for about 4 years and I enjoy every second of it!

Anything in the visual world attracts me… anything that my eyes notice is a source of new ideas for images that I want to create with my subjects and my camera. I also have a personal interest in writing and directing. I have new interests on a daily basis, my brain works in mysterious ways, so I never know what will catch my interest the following day; photography seems to be the only continuous pattern of amusement and attraction.

Edward: How did you become interested in a career as a photographer?

Carlos: My interest for photography evolved from desperation of wanting and needing to pass a class in high school in order to graduate. Ironically, photography was the only class I got a "D" in High School. My teacher Becky Sachse encouraged me to retake the class for a better grade. I think I put extra effort into it the second time around; I have yet to put my camera down. Now the world is the one grading me on my talent.

Edward: Do you think that digital era really helped the photographers concerning aspects like quality and technology?

Carlos: This is a tough question for me. As an artist I believe that the quality of a piece is judged by the tools provided when created. Some of the most amazing famous photographs were created ages ago with the most simplest of equipment; It is the talent and creativity of the photographer that makes an image, not the technology of the tools.

However, from a business perspective, digital photography is much more effective in time saving and faster delivery anywhere in the world. Anything that saves time is a wonderful thing; We humans rely on that.

Edward: In your opinion what were the most remarkable achievements in photography in the last decade?

Carlos: I must say that digital cameras and editing software are the invention that made this visual world a better place to live. Anything that cannot be composed of real life sceneries, locations, subject, looks, colors, textures, etc. is now simply a few clicks away in any computer.

I do believe that artists who developed amazing talents by digitally editing and manipulating images to perfection should have the respect they deserve. It is a different kind of art on a digital level, but not everyone can do it; it still takes patience, creativity, talent and everything else needed in any type of artistic field. All of my work is obviously digitally enhanced (not changed), it is the style that fits my taste, not everyone may be a fan of it but that is what makes this field so diverse.

Edward: What do you look most when selecting models to shoot?

Carlos: I have an obsession for perfection. It can be a “perfect” face, or body, or a pair of eyes, perhaps a smile or a great attitude. Everyone who I shoot has something so unique and beautiful that no one else does. Most of my artistic work is of the male body. I am very strict with the way they must look (body and fitness wise).

I am a perfectionist on my side of the deal; I want them to be a perfectionist on their side of the deal. It seems like a lot of work sometimes but at the end, when my clients are happy with the results and my models are happy with the way their images turned out, that is our biggest reward for our hard work and sacrifices.

Edward: I’m sure u might have some unusual/funny backstage stories. Share some of them with us?

Carlos: OH BOY, I wish I could share all of them but there are so many of them. A good experience is shooting in a lake in the middle of December… that can make your body shake in ways you didn’t know humans were capable of. I think what surprises all my new models the most and creates a funny reaction is the type of oil I use on their bodies to create the “wet” look. Pam cooking spray is my best friend for every shoot. They may think at first that I am cheap and that is all I can afford, but when they see what it does to their bodies under the correct light… then they fall in love with it too.
EYE DROPS!!! I always use eye drops to make their eyes clear before a shoot…you will be surprised of how afraid some of these guys full of muscles are of such an insignificant little drop.

Edward: What are your favorite male/female models/ what do u like most about them?

Carlos: MALES: Channing Tatum & Shemar Moore are the two most beautiful men I would shoot for days and days and days (lunch break) and days and days… I don’t even know how to describe what I like about them. I can just stare at them for hours and be ok with it. I hope that explains it.

FEMALES: Gisele Bundchen is the ultimate female model I would love to work with. Her elegance and attitude shows through her powerful eyes in every still photo taken of her. As far as her runway performance… well, she is a walking Goddess.

Edward: What advice would you give to models and to the aspiring ones?

Carlos: Over all, modeling should be seen as any other profession. Professions require time, commitment, responsibility, dedication and passion. It is not always about the look you have but also about the brain and personality attach to that face/body.

The photographer’s camera never lies, it captures everything within you… some models think that I am simply photographing their physical appearance… when in fact; I am photographing their entire essence. A positive mind will create a positive image.

Edward: There must be special moments when you feel that you have captured a perfect picture... Share this passion with us. How does this special moment happen?

Carlos: I call those my “Signature Shots”. When I bring the camera to my eye, and I realize that at that moment within the frame everything is in balance (lighting, location, subject, energy and expression) my facial expression changes instantly. The model always knows when I realized I have a signature shot. Imagine the face of a 5 year old on Christmas morning, when he realizes that the bike he has been waiting for all year is finally there next to the tree. That’s my face! It is in moments like that when I realize that I am creating something unique that will never be duplicated… even by me.

Edward: If you could select 5 fantastic places around the world for a shooting, which ones you’d choose and why?

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JIRI Chat Clip

Massimiliano Neri when the lights came back on!

Written by Edward Carl Friday, 23 February 2007

Edward: Welcome back Massimiliano!. The Connex247 readers have been waiting for you since the last time you were here. Well, tell us the news. What have you been doing lately?
Massimiliano Neri: Hello again and thank you for the kind reception! I have been extremely busy with the opening of my 2nd restaurant in Italy, called Kukai Nibu. The restaurant is rather large and requires a lot of maintenance, not to mention all the refurbishing I had to do to get it ready. Between the two businesses, I don’t have much free time as much as I’d like, to do the things I enjoy most, namely traveling!
Edward: You told us in your last interview that you are more and more involved with your business as a restaurant owner. Which similarities and differences you see concerning managing a restaurant and managing a model career?
Massimiliano Neri: When I was a model, I did not earn as much as I am earning now, but I traveled all over the world, met incredible people and was really enjoying life. With two restaurants, I am enjoying much success and much better earnings, even though I don’t get much rest. I have to say that the biggest drawback is, I really don't have the time or the chance to enjoy life anymore. I see everyday people coming to my restaurants, going to the cinema, living a life similar to what I use to have as a model, but no longer have because of the work involved in running two restaurants. Sometimes I miss those times when life was simpler.
Edward: And talking about modeling, working all those years, I´m sure you might have some interesting/unusual/funny backstages stories to share with us?
Massimiliano Neri: No doubt about that! What comes to mind is a shoot I was doing in Amsterdam with two female models. It was a closed set, and as such, we were in a mid-sized room, no windows, equipment and cables everywhere. We were just about to start when suddenly the power went out. It was pitch black. You could not see your hand in front of your face. Everyone was stumbling around, tripping and crashing into things. The two models began to try to feel their way around in the dark. One of them thought I was a piece of equipment… not that I am complaining. Needless to say, when the lights came back on, things were looking up.
Edward: Do you think we now live in a better world concerning issues like family, religion, race and sexual behavior?

Massimiliano Neri: Unfortunately, I have to say no. Though I feel that race and religion are no longer an issue or problem, however, with regards to family and sexual behavior-- it seems that with the age of technology also came the age of exposure and the breakdown of censorship. I believe children are exposed to far too much these days, at too early of an age.
Edward: We currently live in a body-conscious society where people have a strong desire to be in good shape. How important is physical appearance toward a successful career? What other attributes make a successful person?
Massimiliano Neri: Physical appearance is very important! Mainly because it reflects how you feel about yourself and determines the way others will see you. The greater shape you are in, the better you feel about yourself. Self-image equates to self worth and confidence, and everyone knows, the greater your confidence, the greater your chances at being successful!
Edward: Female models seem to endure great pressure concerning their bodies. Some have even died of disorders like anorexia. What do u think about it? How often does this problem occur in male fashion?
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Saturday, April 7, 2007

Leighton Stultz to be featured in Playgirl

Written by Leighton Stutz Wednesday, 04 April 2007
Hi everyone!
I'm back with an update for you.
Here is something we found interesting about where visitors to Connex247 come from. In checking the stats, the majority come from dot com and dot net domains, but then it's pretty amazing. In March visitors came from about 75 countries.
The top 10 in March were Canada, Mexico, Italy, Australia, Germany, France, Brazil (Edward Carl's home), United Kingdom, Malaysia and The Netherlands (the home of Dennis van den Eijk).
We would love to hear from you wherever you live. You can post comment and end of story or email me at email address is being protected from spam bots, you need Javascript enabled to view it
The bike!!! well where do i start?? I love the bike and yes as I've seen no one wants to see it go BUT sorry to say I am still selling it. I wish I didn't have to but it's an extra expense (a beautiful expense) but one i can do without. SAD but true :( But thanks for all your great comments!
It was time for a different vehicle, lol, well one that treated me better and I've had an interest in Jeeps ever sense my Dad bought one a few months back. I was told I also look good in it so i guess I couldn't go wrong with a jeep, plus they are known for how long and good they run. I don't really plan on going off road that much but I like the rugged look when they are fixed up nice. Thanks to Mike who has helped me out with a body lift!! Talk about an exciting day for me. I will take pictures of me and the jeep for all visitors of Connex247 here in the next week or so.
LOL a movie in general is a good idea and a goal of mine. I think any action movie that has to do with bikes is bad ass and since i like being one it would fit me well lol. I know in the movie industry things don't happen over night but I hope to get in some big films over the next few years. Jeeps on the other hand are cars you can't go wrong with and are just fun.. mostly now that it's summer time. So I myself wonder what's to come with the bike and jeep. Send me your thoughts!

OK, fakers... I HATE.. and now even more because there becoming such a problem to deal with and so many popping up. No joke, just this week i've had to delete 4 fakers and i'm still hearing about them all the time. It's one thing to steal your pictures but then to take the identity of that person and email all their friends is crossing the line. It's just disrespectful and rude.. then you find some that do nothing but slander your name or abuse pictures they have no rights to. If you see my pictures ANYWHERE other than Connex247 or my authorized Yahoo groups chances are 90% of the websites didn't have permission and they are stolen.
Speaking of this topic i want to address a matter that bothers me. As i found my pictures on a website that was using them in the worst manner i read a comment posted below my picture saying I was a "fag hater" and I had "homophobia" that I didn't deserve the fans i have because i asked them to take the pictures down BECAUSE of the misuse and slander of both my name and pictures.
Yes I'm as straight as they come but I've never treated anyone different in ANY manner, and I have made that clear before here on Connex247 and elsewhere.. I don't care what the reason is. I respect the person for who they are and what they are worth... a true friend is a TRUE friend and i would never let anything come between that.

I want to let the people who visit Connex247 and my friends and fans know that I'm here for you, whether you are 10 years old or 89 any race, sex, orientation, ETC. and i mean ETC lol. If you have a question or problem i'm not the type of guy to just let it go because I'm only here to build fame. Trust me I am here to build friendships and also a place where I can come if I run into problems.
WOW it's time for playgirl already.. I knew this day would come.. Yes i'm in Playgirl in the June issue well (in the back..just a feature of the June issue and what's to come)
From what I hear it's starting some kind of a craze and that's just of the one picture promoting the issue. I've been waiting and waiting but at the same time nervous about the outcome and what's to come but I guess will just have to see.
I guess i can say I'm excited about that.. At this point I know as much as everyone else but I'm sure when I do see the full "shabang" for next month it will explode and we won't need Connex247 for the inside story because you are getting it ALL lol. Make sure to let Playgirl know I am the best thing you've seen and it's the best thing in the world LOL.. I know I'm pushing it but the more support and greater feedback we get to them will help so much.
Let me know your thoughts and ideas. I am always open to comments and questions so please be yourself!
Yes, we are working on the video blog concept!!!!!
I love you all, your true friend....
Leighton Stultz leighton@connex247.comThis email address is being protected from spam bots, you need Javascript enabled to view it (Let me know if you would like to buy an autographed copy of Playgirl)

Monday, April 2, 2007

John May popular model is jeans and tshirt guy!

Written by Edward Carl Friday, 30 March 2007
Edward: Hey hey hey John, welcome to Connex247 family again. It´s such a great pleasure to have u with us! The Connex247 readers have been asking about u. Well, tell us, what´s new?
John: Well, I have been doing alot of work recently with a lot of runways, including one of which was televised on MTV, and I am getting ready to shoot with some new magazines as well (fitness, fashion, and muscle.)
Edward: John, do you think you´ve already achieved your main purposes in the modeling market? If not, which modeling agencies, fashion campaigns and designers would you like to work for and why?
John: Well, I'd like to sign with Ford if anyone, but if not I think I'd be happy continuing on the road I'm on now. I haven't come close to achomplishing what I have planned for the future but I hope that one day i will be an inspiration to those with similar dreams.
Edward: I´m sure you might have some unusual/funny modeling backstages stories. Share some of them with us
John: Some are a little too personal but if I were to share one; I was in a room that I was unaware was double pained glass and I began changing with A LOT of people on the other side watching lol

Edward: What do you most like when you work with a photographer? What are the main characteristics u most admire in this professional?
John: Someone that respects my boundaries, try to keep a conversation and keep the model interested in you because we are trying to do just that for you.
Edward: Are you a fashion guy? What do you like to wear when you are not working as a model?
John: I am a t shirt and jeans guy... if you don't like it, then don't bother looking. whether it's an interview or a rehearsal I am and always will be a jeans and t type of guy!
Edward: Where do you see yourself 10 years from now?
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