Wednesday, March 21, 2007

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Tuesday, March 13, 2007

MSC JAKE March 12th Chat Clip

Dennis van den Eijk on plans for visiting North America

Written by Michael Morris
Wednesday, 07 March 2007

Michael: You balance a career as a successful model with your other work... share with us how you do it

Dennis: As a military police officer/ swat-team member, I also travel a lot over the world. I pick up and bring back criminals from and to my country. I get a lot of extra hours And when my model management calls me for a job, I can easily take some days off.
Also I combine the 2 jobs. Recently, I was in Portugal for special police work and I also did there a casting at ELITE-MODELS... They liked me a lot and now I am in their agency also!

Michael: You are planning a trip to North America.. are you excited... share your plans with us.

Dennis: OH MY GOD!!! I am too excited! Can't wait to see some of my new good friends there! And I hope O can do something for my fans! But the plans are also to have a lot of fun there!

Michael: What really inspires you to acheive your best personally and professionally?

- Professionally: When I do something I try to be the best at it! Otherwise it is a waste of your time! I just want to live my life to the fullest!
- Personally (My best friend that died 2 years ago): If I want to do something, I do it right away! Life is too SHORT!!!

Michael: Who are the great influences on your life ? Why?

Dennis: The people who believe in me and share that with me, they have the biggest influences on my life. I live this wonderful life because I get a lot of support from people all over the world!

Michael: You love to travel.. share three of your favorite places with us.

- SURINAM ( Paramaribo) The South american warmth of the weather and the people there! And they all speak DUTCH!
- US (New York) I was there for 3 days, and I saw everything, From top of the rocks to ground zero. It was impressive! Also the dancing and fun part was great there!!!
- The Netherlands (Amsterdam) My Home town.... I love the freedom in this country and Amsterdam is the place to be to see a lot of different races and beautiful people!

Michael: Since you first appeared on Connex247 you have become very popular... and more importantly have made new friends... give us your view on friendship

Thursday, March 8, 2007

Maurice Townsell: Manhunt finalist also loves sports

Written by Edward Carl
Wednesday, 07 March 2007
Edward: Hello Maurice, welcome to Connex family!. Let´s start our interview with your personal and professional interests. Tell us: how do u describe yourself.
Maurice: The best way to describe me is very laid back but at the same time always hustlin to try to get to the next level of what ever it is im trying to succeed in. I have always been athletic my whole life and very competative. I think that is why i will be able to make it in what ever im doing in my life time.
Edward: Why have you decided to be a model? How this vocation arose? Is it a tough career? What kind of sacrifices this career demands?
Maurice: Actually i really never thought of being a model. I have always wanted to be a professional athlete. But things happened that down the road that changed my path. My ex girl friend is the main reason i got into modeling. I went with her a few times to her agency and everytime I showed up with her they would always ask me to work with them. I turned them down a few times because I was playing football at the time. After I was done with football I thought to myself hey it would be kind of fun to be a model.
I showed up to the agency again and told them I was ready and from there on out I started to work with Nike and adidas in portland. One day in portland I was approched on the street by NBC and they asked me to try out for the T.V. show Manhunt "The search for America's most gorgeous male Model" Placed third on the show signed with IMG new York and became an even more succcessful and now am currently on the Janice Dickinson Model agency. So I was very lucky that modeling found me.
It can definitely be tough at sometimes but you just got to keep on pushing just as any job can be. But for the most part I really enjoy it because I get to travel around a lot and meet new people.
One of my biggest sacrifices for modeling would have to be my love for sports. Even though I still play basketball a lot I really do miss playing football. Actually I have been talking to an agent about going to a NFL combine and might get back into it. But I will still def keep on modeling.
Edward: How would you rate importance of beauty and elegance in your life? Do u think beauty really helps a person to be well succeeded in a career?
Maurice: I think beauty is important on the outside as well as inside. I have seen many beautiful people in my life that could easily be models but surprisingly not all of them are beautiful on the inside. Looks will def help you out in the world weather you modeling, acting, singing, dancing, or trying to persue your dream job. But if your ugly in the inside it will def show and very much make you look ugly on the outside.
Edward: What is your greatest inspiration, your greatest professional dream like a model? Which modeling agencies, fashion campaigns and designers u´d like to work for?
Maurice: My greatest inspiration in my life is easily my mother. She raised both me and my younger brother without a father figure and did a damn good job at it. I also look up to my uncle jo jo Townsell. He was a member of the NY Jets and was a success on the team. He really helped me to have that drive in life.
If I could get to the level of Tyson Beckford in my modeling career I would feel like I was successful in this career. I'm trying to bring that back. Just being in this industry I see a lot of male and female models that are really really skinny. Some just are which is fine. Some try really hard too which I hate to see because they just don't seem happy. That's one of the main reasons I like what Tyson was in the industry. I know I will never try to get skinny I'm satified with the way I am now. I mean if I have to grow my hair out or something like that ill do it. But losing weight is a negative for me. As long as I look in shape im happy.
I love the agencies that I am currently represented by. As far as designers I would love to work with Calvin Klein, Sean John, Dolce and Gabbana, Roberto Cavalli, Donna Karen, Ralph Lauren, Nautica, Nike, Adidas, Enyce, Ecko. I have already worked for a few of the designers but love them all.
Edward: Family, friendship and human rights: how do think the world is dealing with these two subjects in the society we live?
Maurice: Wow that is a tough question. You know I used to be a direct sales person and I have spoken to many many many people. Todays time is just so different. Poeple are so different where ever I go. Life styles, ethics, rules, discipline. I could talk about this topic for a long time. If I were to get into it I would have probably wrote a novel lol.
Edward: Are you a guy into sports? What do you like to do in your free time?
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Monday, March 5, 2007

Jiri Chat Clip

Demetrius Shaw when California meets the Midwest!

Written by Edward Carl
Friday, 02 March 2007

Edward: Welcome to Connex247 family Demetrius. It´s really nice to have you with us. What are your personal and professional interests?
Demetrius: I'm am currently a student at the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse. I am a double major in Psychology and Marketing... Modeling has always been a dream of mine and now that school is winding down I feel like I'm actually able to attempt to make my dream come true. Ive always stayed very active and have been playing sports, mainly volleyball, swimming and diving, my whole life.
Edward: Tell us about how you decided to become a model? What do you think about modeling world?
Demetrius: I had been told by a lot of my friends, some of them models themselves, that I had a great look and they thought I could do it. I decided to become a model after I posted my myspace profile. I got a lot of amazing feedback on just simply my candid everyday pictures and some amazing photographers took notice and took a chance on me, not only showing me the ropes but giving me some amazing networking opportunities.

I just fell in love with how I felt in front of the camera as well as being able to see the results of how hard I worked both in front and behind the camera. Now I feel like I have a close relationship with them and it's great that I have so much fun working with them.
Edward: Tell us about some of your modeling assignments. Which fashion designers you would like to work for and why?
Demetrius: I've mainly done some artistic nudes and some editorial work as well as my initial high fashion shots for my portfolio... I would really love to break in to the high fashion world. My dream job would to ultimately work for Dolce & Gabana.
Edward: How do you rate beauty and elegance in your life? Do you think these attributes really help a person to be well succeeded a career?
Demetrius: I don't think beauty is a very high priority in my life, however with that said I do take very good care of myself. I feel as though when i feel groomed and well taken care of on the outside i feel so much better and carry myself with a lot more confidence. Elegance is pretty important to me as well. I was raised in a VERY open, loving and respectful environment. I'm very close to my family and I owe everything I am today to them.
Being physically attractive can only get you so far. Someone with the most beautiful face could have a completely ugly personality and no one will want to work with them. Being personable is every bit as important as having a look in this industry. You cant just walk in and think that this business owes you something, because it doesn't.
Edward: Are you a fashion guy? What do you like to wear when u are not working as a model?
Demetrius: HAHA, I like this question... I consider myself a fashion guy. Not because of what I wear, but how I wear it. I have a really clean cut style... I love to wear a pair of jeans mainly, some are destroyed others are classic, depends on what I'm wearing with it. I also like to rock a classic pair of cargo pants. I guess my style could best be described as Southern California meets the Midwest.

I love the southern Cali style but with me being from the mid-west I tend to take that style and tone it down slightly. Love to wear button up shirts as well as some fashionable vintage t-shirts. For dressy occasions I've never really found myself to be a tie guy. I love to wear a classic zip up sweater and a pair of clean cut slacks.
Edward: What are the great influences on your life?
Demetrius: I'd be completely lying if I didn't say my parents. My Mother is the strongest woman I know. I know that's very cliche' but it's the truth. My Dad has gone through a lot in the past year and I can only pray that I come out with as great an attitude as he has after everything. This may sound a little weird, but my fashion icon is actually Enrique Iglesias... I just love his sense of style.
Edward: Friendship, love and human rights. Do you think we now live in a better world concerning these issues?
Demetrius: As far as friendship goes, we do live in a great world. People are a lot more open to becoming friends with all different kinds of people that they normally wouldn't have in the past. I think this mind set ends up happening after someone goes through their college years.
About love... I think we live in a generally loving world. We get to see mainly ugly stuff on the news, but every so often you get to hear an uplifting story and I try to generally think positive about the world... With that said, I am actually very defensive when it comes to my own heart. Ive been hurt a few times in my past and it has made me a little hard around the edges, but I feel it's for the best.
Human rights... Those who don't learn from the history are doomed to repeat the mistakes of the past. I feel by passing constitutional amendments to deny gay people the right to marry we are repeating those mistakes. The US constitution was designed to protect the right of all US citizens and keep all men and women equal. I don't believe this is right by any means.
Edward:. If u could choose 5 most important things for your which ones u´d choose and why?

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Friday, March 2, 2007

MIke on achieving the best of the best!!!!

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Home Features MIke on achieving the best of the best!!!!
MIke on achieving the best of the best!!!!

Written by Michael Morris
Wednesday, 04 October 2006
In everything he undertakes, Mike drives himself to be nothing but the best of the best! This time, Mike, who hails from Winnipeg, Canada, but is now in Florida, is working on two major projects, with videos in the works.

He has started to pursue a career as a photographer and has also launched a new web site with some of his good buddies. It is

Connex247 will soon chat with Mike about his developing career as a photographer. We have seen some of his work and it is really great! And Jason Borish tell us that he is having talks with Mike about the possibility of shooting some videos in which they star early in 2007. Stay tuned on that one.
Mike says he just has a tremendous drive to succeed with everything he does, and he devotes countless hours to working on the web site and with the other models and bodybuilders who have joined him in the venture. "I'm a competitive person and so are the guys who are featured on the site. Mike also pursues his modeling career and has done several photo shoots in 2006. Look for more of him. "Mike is eye candy for the masses, no doubt about it", one fan wrote. "His powerful look, strength and beauty make anyone stop and take notice." Although Mike acknowledges the compliment with an "LOL", he is quick to pay tribute to others.
"The guys are just great, not only in terms of their appeal to those who like great looking bodies, but they have awesome personalities to go with it. During their web cam shows they develop a real friendly relationship with their fans," Mike says. Mike appears on the site at least three times a week as the host, and is almost constantly working on the production of more videos, and photo galleries for the members' section. Danny, another fan recently posted to Mike's Yahoo group: "I am being honest when I say this is my favorite site on the net. The chat sessions are out of this world! It's amazing how FAST the one hour chats fly by! Not only are they super HOT but with the member participation I am always laughing... Mike is absolutely the MUSCLE GOD, but beware Mikee, Kory is right on your ass, lol! During the Kory chats his roommate Stevo will drop in and show off... Man, I love it there." Along with Mike, regulars on are Jake, who Connex 247 visitors know well, Kory, Wayne and Nick, but very often a guest is featured. "Mike makes it all happen," said one of his colleagues. "He works very hard to make the site a success, and he is the leader as well as being a great friendHow about fame and celebrity?"(haaaaa!!!) Well fame and celebrity status, I wouldn't go that far. Well, I just see myself as who I am, no better or no worse than anyone else. But I do get a lot of comments on my appearance. I say thanks and smile.

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Thursday, March 1, 2007

Dennis Nathanael van den Eijk

Ben Kirby on no miracle diet for success

Written by Edward Carl
Thursday, 28 December 2006
Edward: Hello Ben, welcome to Connex247 site. Let´s start our interview with you personal and professional interests. Tell us: how do u describe yourself?
Ben: Hi, I would describe myself as driven and motivated yet at times relaxed; Im a passionate person when I find something that truly interests me and gains my attention; I set goals and targets that are short-term and long-term and always have something in the up and coming future that I look forward to, which generally means I try and stay busy even if it's just simple things like setting time to go for a work out or pick up some food shopping!
Edward: Why u have decided to be a model? How this vocation arose? Is it a tough career? What kind of sacrifices this career demands?
Ben: I kind of walked into modelling after starting Loughborough University and joining a gym for the first time in my life; I worked out a lot and built up my physique with dedication and discipline involving weights and good diet; I was advised by connex's own Ross Edgley on how to pursue a career as he had already started his own; So far I have had to juggle modelling with my university work but it is true what they say that if you want something done, give it to a busy person! I'm in my final year of university now and hope to focus more on modelling after this year; I havent had to many sacrifices, only that I have to keep going to the gym and not eat junk food or drink alcohol too excessively!!
Edward: What is your greatest inspiration, your greatest professional dream as a model?
Ben: I have appeared in the last three months of Men's Health magazine but my dream would be to be on the front cover and that goal keeps me motivated to keep doing what im doing; I'm currently with some great agencies and am really happy with the way things are going.
Edward: Are you a guy into sports? What´s your secret to be in a good shape?
Ben: I love sports and play a huge variety of them, I have played Hockey and more recently Rugby Union for Loughborough University, as well as athletics, water polo, cricket;cross country for my college; I put my results in working out down to discipline and knowledge in the gym, combined with good diet and supplementation; I don' have any surprise diet, just high protein and low fat. So sorry no miracle diet for anyone there!
Edward: We currently live in a body-conscious society where people have a;strong desire to be in good shape. How important is physical appearance toward a successful career?
Ben: In my career so far it has been paramount as i have focused on fitness modelling, and even though i would like to continue towards fashion based work being in great shape is equally as important due to the large amount of extremely good competition in modelling.
Edward: And you also write about fitness and nutrition in a site
Ben: I have articles on can access them through my profile on there or through the la muscle library; It is something; I have a great interest in as i enjoy telling people about how to get the results;they want by sharing the knowledge i have gained through going to the gym and learning off others and reading books and internet articles
Edward: Are you an optimistic person? Do you have any special dream? If u could choose 3 most important things for you life, what would it be?
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