Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Nick Wolanski on creating the crucial image

Written by Edward Carl
Friday, 09 February 2007
Edward: Hello Nick, welcome to Connex247 family. Well, this is your place buddy! Tell us about yourself, hometown.. How do u describe yourself?
Nick: Hey guys my name is Nick Wolanski, I am 20 years old and come from sunny SCOTLAND,Ha Ha. I am a bodybuilder and martial artist, I spent my first 6 weeks in Los Angeles recently trying my hand at modelling.
Edward: What do you think about modeling world? Why did you decide to become a model?
Nick: I think the modelling world is a very difficult one. There are a lot of empty promises from people looking to make quick money and if your not on your toes then it can get frustrating and disappointing. However with the right help and a clever head it's incredibly fun and rewarding. I decided to model after my friends and family suggested it as I have developed quite a good physique over the years and it seemed to make sense.
Edward: I´m sure you might have some interesting/unusual/funny backstages stories to share with us...
Nick: I competed in a bodybuilding competition and a couple of guys were drinking whisky backstage to help bring out their vascularity, they drank a bit too much and ended up fighting on stage, was pretty funny.
Edward: How would you rate importance of beauty and elegance in your life? Do you think beauty really helps a person to be well succeded in a career?
Nick: Like to look after my body and my health as it makes me feel really good. Im very sporty and competitive so I really enjoy pushing my body and seeing what I'm made of! Obviously a good body is crucial in fitness modelling but you also need to show respect for people and try to be friendly and honest as it will really help further a career. Get a good education as well as modelling does not last forever!
Edward: Are you a fashion guy? What do you like to wear when you are not working?
Nick: Yeah I suppose I like nice clothes. It helps create an image which is crucial in this world. I like hugo boss and Armani as the designs are superb as is the quality. When I aint going out I like to kick back in a comfy pair of combats and a t shirt.
Edward: If you could choose 3 important things for your life and 3 fascinating places around the world to visit now, what would u choose and why?
Nick: The three important things in my life are my friends and family, my health and of course I want to land that big modelling job. My friends are very important as they give me a lot of encouragement and are there when things get tough. I'd like to land that big job so all of my hard work and efforts are rewarded. I'd like to travel to the Bahamas, Thailand and Du Bai as they are all strikingly beautiful places with lots to see and do.
Edward: Are you a guy into sports? What is your secret to be in a good shape? What´s the part of your body you like most and why?
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